Monday, October 20, 2008

What DWB means to me

Wrooos to everyone, Dannan here. I just wanted to let everybody know that The Girl wrote a post about what DWB means to her (and me).

Ben the Rotti's Mom has it posted already! To check out this great site celebrating Dogs With Blogs, just click on the image above. Read what DWB means to some of it's members, and better yet, write a post telling us what DWB means to YOU!

(The Girl says to take tissues with you. Not sad stuff, just very heartwarming! And she says we all know that we DWBers have soft, soft hearts!)


Joe Stains said...

We will go check it out, the site is such a great idea!


Hi my friends,

The Mommy feels just like your Mom does about with DWB. She says she would have just as soon died when she had to give my brothers up but everybody at DWB knew exactly how she felt and she wouldn't have made it without them. I told the Mommy to send something but she says her mind races faster than her fingers and she get too leaky when she things about DWB.

I'm gonna make her write something I promise.

Lots of love my friend....Mona

Ruby said...

Hi Dannan
Thanks for the warning about the kleenex. Mom needed them. She says she feels the say way about DWB.
We are happy we found you to Dannan.

Love Ruby

Shadow / Molly said...

Fanks fer welcoming our new brothfur!