Thursday, February 26, 2009

What wonderful furends we have!

Wroooooo!!! We're back!

Furst, we have to thank you all... our old furends and some brand new ones. You have all been so supportive and loving! Thank you to evfurry one for all of your wonderful messages! The Girl says that she would have cried over all of the love and understanding that you left for us, except that she is feeling so much better!

The Girl disappeared for a few days. Nanny said she was at someplace called a hospital, getting better. And she's come home, and I can tell that she's on the mend! She says that going to the hospital was the best thing, and that she's moving in the right direction now. She's on a brand new medication (which she doesn't even take with cheese or peanut butter! What a foolish Girlie!). She's really sleeping a whole lot of the time, because of something called a side effect, but she says she's feeling better than she has in months! WROOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since The Girl is sleeping a lot of the time, and is super dizzy the rest of the time, we're not anywhere ready to get back to our usual routine yet. But The Girl's mood is better than it's been in a furry long time, and her ang-zy-a-tee hasn't been bothering her! So we're on the way, evfurry body!

The Girl has asked me to pass along lots of thanks and love and hugs to evfurry one - she says it makes a really big difference to know how many people and doggies and kitties and other furries care! So THANK YOU from Girlie!

We have some really nice pictures on the camera, but The Girl forgot to get it out of the glove compartment of the car. So we'll have to make due tonight with a camera phone picture. I am furry tired of her sleeping all of the time, but it gives me lots of time to relax and cuddle with Nanny. Oh, and to share food with Papa, but don't tell Girlie that!

We're going to slowly make our way around to evfurry body's bloggy. And I told The Girl to clear her Google Reader of the backlog... She's trying really hard to not put pressure on herself, and I agree entirely! We need to spend more time playing! Wroooooooo! We wuff you all!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today is about The Girl

Wroo, my furends. I'm going to make my bloggy about The Girl today.

My Girlie has the brain sickies, for those of you who don't know. She's got the depresshun and something called ang-zy-a-tee. For the last few months, she's been really battling with them so that they didn't take over and make her really sick. She's been having lots of doctor and med-a-cay-shun problems, too, which makes the brain sickies even worse.

Well, my Girlie has fought about as hard as she can, and she needs a bit of a rest. My Nanny and my Roomie are taking over and fighting with the doctors to try to get my Girlie better. And I am The Girl's biggest help, cuddling and loving and stuff like that. So we'll all be working to help my Girlie.

If we haven't been by your bloggy in a while, it's because The Girl has been working hard on keeping the brain sickies at bay, which is hard work, and she only has so much energy and concentration. If we don't post for a bit, just know that we're fighting hard and will be back as soon as we can.

Furends, we love you all, and reading your bloggies (even if we don't comment) brings us joy and comfort. So we'll be lurking around for a bit - keep having great adventures and good cuddles with your people! Wrooo!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Package, Part Two - Dannan vs. the BULLY STICK

Wroo again, my furends! The Girl actually missed the moment of triumph when I got the bully stick out of the packaging and took it to the couch. Can you believe it???

Yes indeed, my package was full of BULLY STICKS, from Best Bully Sticks! They were kind enough to send me some samples, and let me tell you... they are FANTASTIC!!!! I will be instructing The Girl to order some furry soon!

Again, the pictures are disappointing. I was in constant motion (duh, Girlie, I was CHEWING!), so most of the (215!!!) pictures aren't furry good. But The Girl did get a couple of videos, which we posted furst because that way, you can skip the bad pictures if you like! Watch for the drool!

There are a few all right pictures in amidst all the bad ones. Seriously, she took like 215 pictures! That's almost eleventy-seven, you know!

Check out the swirlify feature The Girl got! She didn't even have to use a photo editor for this one, she did it all by herself!!

Check out the drool!

It might seem as though this was an everlasting bully stick, but unfortunately it wasn't. Five minutes was all it took for me to devour it! Even though it wasn't everlasting, it was FURRY TASTY, and I have to send out a great big THANK WROOOOOOOO to those Best Bully Stick guys!

And if you guys are looking for product development ideas, that whole everlasting bully stick is a PAWSOME idea!!! (Sorry the pictures weren't better!)

The Package, Part One - Dannan vs. The Envelope

Wrooooooooooo, my furends!!!! The Girl has found a wi-fi spot where we can get signals from the internets! So we are doing Part One of our post about me and my package!

(The Girl is feeling exceptionally lazy, so she just posted a whole bunch of pictures, not really editing them or selecting among them. She says, maybe my furends will like quantity better than quality!)

So, I got this package in the mail last Monday. It was addressed to me and everything! "To Dannan, the Little Brown Dog" it said! I'm not going to tell you yet who was from, just to be a booger! Let's just say that it smelled FANTASTIC!!!

I had to sniff it out...

The Girl turned it over for me, because there was a little hole on the back!

I am moving, and The Girl's camera doesn't like that, so some of the pictures are a little blurry...

You would think that it took me a really long time to do this, judging by how many pictures The Girl took, but it was really quite fast! She just kept taking pictures, one after the other. You know how our people get!

This is only Part One! In Part Two, we will reveal the contents of the package, and show you some pictures of me and what's inside!

Pee Ess Evfurry body should head over to my Scottish furends, the Dughallmor Beagles! They have a surprise for me today... I think it might be a bunny rabbit! They get to chase them all the time (and eat their poop!), and I have never even seen a rabbit! So I think that they've got one to show me today!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

darned computers!

Hi, everyone, it's The Girl here. I am not able to get consistent access to the internet right now. I'm trying to figure it out, but Dannan can tell you that it's not working, because I'm using lots of HBO words. Our photo editor is online (the online - and free! - version of photoshop), so all that editing that I was going to do of the pictures of Dannan opening his package hasn't even happened yet. I've spent the whole afternoon trying to get the internet to work for my laptop, or to get the wireless router to work, and it just hasn't happened yet. Now, it's time to go have some dinner and cuddle my boy. We'll try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good grief, Girlie!

Wroo, furends! I got to open my package today, and The Girl totally lost her mind. She made two videos, and took over 200 pictures. And shockingly, she hasn't sorted through them all for my special post. She's whining about how many pictures there are, all the editing she's trying, and how hard it is to decide which ones to use. Good grief, she's totally insane.

So, my special post (which she PROMISED I could do today!) will have to be tomorrow. Or maybe even Friday, because "there are so many pictures"! Whose fault is that, Girlie???

Tonight, we're going to put up a couple of other pictures she took today.

This was when she was still working on it. Before she gave up. And let me down. Look how handsome I am! How she can deny me....

If only I had thumbs... Or even one thumb. I could do it myself and not have to rely on the unreliable help.

Look how seriously unimpressed I am.

Nanny and Papa call this my "sulky" chair. Well, if I'm sulky, I've got good reason! Laser beams. Girlie, feel my wrath!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pictures of Me and The Girl

Wroo, evfurry body! Congrats to all the winners over at MangoMinster, especially to our furends, the Lorenza and River! And thank wroo to all of our furends (and new folks we haven't met yet - please say hi if you followed the link over from the Hounds group!) who voted for us for Reader's Choice!

Tomorrow, I will post about my package that came in the mail. But today, I wanted to put up some pictures of me and The Girl. For one thing, the bloggie has been light on pictures lately. For another, my good pal Dozer commented on the lack of pictures in the last post. And finally, how could I resist making The Girl post pictures of herself, when she always posts so many of me? Wroo, that's just a joke, Girlie. The actual final reason is to make up for the graphic nature of my first couple of Honesties. I should maybe have put a warning up - my apologies!

So, this is the only picture that we had of both The Girl and me, for a long time:

The Girl is a little photo-avoidant. So this was the best she would do, for the longest time.

Then at Christmas time, we took several pictures of us together. I wasn't very happy about it, as you can see:

I actually do kind of like her, even though I don't look like it here. Well, actually, I wuff her. She's my Girlie, after all!

So I asked her to make up this picture to show how we really are:

The Girl loves teddy bears. Even though I am a master stuffy destroyer, I leave all of the teddy bears alone. I know that they aren't mine! So I picked this Kimi out, and I asked her to put our happiest faces in it. Cuz we really are the furry best of furends. Someday, we will get a picture of us together where I don't look tortured, and that she doesn't mind posting. But for now, that's what we've got!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Daisy and Dozer have both already received the Honest Weblog award and done the meem. So just go over to their bloggies and read their honesties!

Since I don't know who hasn't done this one, I give this award to evfurrybody who wants it! Wroo!!!

Pee Ess Dozer also tagged me for another meem, which I'll do soon!

Honesties! For real! (edited)

Our wonderful Kuvasz furend Biggie Z presented us with the Honest Weblog Award! Thanks, Biggie! It's an honour!

The rules:"When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows he or she is real.

Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have 7 friends. Show the 7 random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog.” Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on! "

Well, Biggie is a very honest guy. His bloggy is a great place to go to read about WTFs. No, not Wire Fox Terrors, the other WTFs. People who are clueless about doggies, and his encounters with them. You should go read his posts about them; you’ll completely know what he’s talking about! He and his Momma also do lots of educational stuff, like about raw diets and socialization and training. Check them out!

Edited to add: We tagged Daisy and Dozer at the end of this bloggy post, but it turns out they had both already received the award and passed it on to me! Thank wroo, my furends! You've gotta go see Daisy and Dozer, I wuff them so much! You will, too, I just know it! Daisy is the sweetest doggy I know, and Dozer is furry funny! And like I wrote (will write?) down below, they are totally twins!

So I have to list at least ten honest things about myself. Hmm, that shouldn’t be too hard. Biggie did a whole theme thing about his raw diet, but I think I’ll just go general. I’ll try to come up with new honesties about myself, too.

  1. I love to eat cat poop. And even sometimes Min Pin poop, when their raw food is particularly tasty. (Lexi gets al-er-Gs, so the ingredients sometimes change.)

  1. I have trouble emptying my anal glands. (TMI? Oh well! It’s honest, that’s for sure!) My Trisha at the groomer’s usually empties them for me every second month or so. The Girl is giving me pumpkin now, in hopes of tightening up my - ahem - poop. She’s also heard that raw diets help, but I haven’t quite convinced her yet that she needs to start feeding me raw.

  1. I go on the offensive when I’m face-to-face with doggies that are bigger than I am. Girlie says she doesn’t know if I do this because I live with little Min Pins or because I think I’m at as disadvantage due to my three leggy-edness. Actually, it is because I just want to show evfurrybody that I am not to be taken lightly. I’m a bad-a$$, you know.

  1. I have a huge crush on Stella. (Not news, but how can I leave it out? Kisses to you, Stella!)

  1. I am a good chewer when it comes to food. The Girl gave me some leftover green peas last night, and I chewed each pea!

  1. I am a lot smarter than (some) people give me credit for. When we first got over to Nanny and Papa’s house, they spoiled me with treats all the time. I totally convinced them that I was absolutely STARVING, and for about a week, I was able to con them out of food anytime I wanted. The Girl discovered the dozens of extra foodables I was conning, and she put a stop to it. Mean Girlie!

  1. I am the bag inspector wherever I happen to be. Any bags coming into the house must be inspected by me for contraband. Especially foodable bags. Once, I even stole a marrow bone out of a foodable bag.

  1. The Girl thinks that I am not very sly. When I stole the marrow bone, I gave it up right away when The Girl told me to. I didn’t try to hide with it, like some Min Pins I know (Lexi, I’m looking at you!) And there have been other things I’ve - ahem - appropriated for myself that I’ve taken right to The Girl. Not sly at all, she says. But then again, I’ve trained Girlie that when I get something I’m not supposed to have, she has to give me a tasty treat in exchange for the forbidden object. She just has no idea of the level on which I work!

  1. I sometimes try to creep up on the cats. I think I’m totally stealth. (Girlie here. He is stealth, but only in his own mind! Because of his three-leggedness, it’s not very inconspicuous. He moves like the wind when he runs, but when he’s going slow, it’s not so smooth. Hop, hop, hop!)

  1. I am the world’s best seat stealer. Whenever anybody gets up off of a chair or the couch, I am in their spot like lightning! I especially love to steal the Roomie’s spot! Papa’s spot is also fun to steal. The Girl makes me move if I steal her spot, but Nanny always lets me stay where I am – she’s the one that moves! Wroo!

Those are some (hopefully) new things about me! I am going to tag Daisy and Dozer with this one; they are totally twins, check them out!

* * * * *

Make sure you get over to the Mango's bloggy! He's hosting Mango-Minster this week, and evfurrybody can put in their own vote for which doggy they want to win! Today's the Hound group, wroo!

* * * * *

We have an exciting post coming up later in the week! I got some mail today, and once The Girl gets the batteries changed in the camera (don't laugh, it takes furEVER!), we'll take some pictures and a video. And I'll do a little review on what's inside the package!