Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday pictures

It's that time of year again, and I have been living in dread that The Girl would once again make me pose for a Holiday Picture.  In past years, this has often include something humiliating she wanted me to wear. 

For example,

Can you imagine?!

And there was the year where she thought I'd make a cute reindeer:

Girlie, dogs are NOT reindeer!  Can't you just see the terror in my eyes!  That Girl ought to be ashamed, putting me in a situation where I looked like this!  (Note from The Girl:  Yikes, it is alarming to see this picture - I agree, this was NOT nice to my Little Brown Dog!)

Then, another year, she decided that instead of making me pose wearing ridiculous human accessories, she would buy some Christmas-y fabrics and pose me on them instead.  At least I escaped the indignity of antlers and Santa bibs.  And I guess it's something that she's aware of how unsuccessful this experiment was;  she has these pictures in a folder called "Failed Xmas Pics".

You should also know that those pictures were part of a series she called "Xmas Torture"!  I just know all my furends are outraged!  (Blogger is giving Girlie a hard time with the formatting of the pictures and the words, so we're sorry if this post looks a bit strange...)

This year, That Girl said that she had decided not to torment me by forcing me to do undignified things.  (I think it's more a question of how lazy she is, but whatever.)  She found a website called Imikimi, and she used a picture from this past summer to make a few Holiday Pictures.  This is a much more respectful way of doing things, I'm sure you'll agree.

I sure hope that all my furends, whether doggies or kitties or peoples, get to be with the ones they love in the next week or two.  (Even though I complain about her a lot, I really do love My Girlie, you know.)  Happy Howlidays, evfurryone, and Happy WROO year!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I want a cat.  PLEASE bring me a cat!  Just a little one...  I have been a good boy this year, just ask my Girlie and my Nanny and my Papa.  I would really like a cat of my own, one that I can chase and play with and WROO at.  Last year, Nanny told me that she would get me a blind, old, toothless cat, but I've been waiting and waiting, and so far, no cat.  I think she forgot.  So please help her out, Santa, and bring me one this Christmas.  Any cat will do, especially if it's the fluffy black one that I watch out the window every day.

Oh, and maybe you could bring Girlie something to help her get better, so she can do more stuff with me and help me do my bloggy again, and visit all my bloggy furends.  That would be good, too.  But a cat would be better, so if you can only bring me one present, I'd rather have a cat.

Thank wroo, Santa!
Dannan, The Little Brown Dog

Tuesday, September 22, 2009



Help me, my furends!  (Assuming I have any furends left!  After all, it has been eleventy-seven YEARS since That Mean Girl let me post on my bloggy!)

I need somepuppy to call the SPCA, or the police, or 911, or something.  I need to be rescued!  That Mean Girl is neglecting me terribly.  I'm sure that keeping me away from my bloggy and all my furends is a crime, and they would help me.

I know that all of you have been wondering about us, whether we're okay, or even still alive!  Well, we are alive, but obviously all is not well at my house.  That Mean Girl is doing all kinds of other things, and she has some pretty messed up priorities, that much is obvious!

I am doing pretty well other than never being allowed on my own bloggy.  We had some bad thunder for a few weeks, and I was worried about that.  But I'm doing better, especially since it's been a while since we had those awful storms.  Cross your paws that we don't have many more!

I am settling in well at my Nanny and my Papa's house, which seems to be where we'll be living for a while.  All of our stuff is here, so I guess we're staying.  I don't mind, really.  The wind is kind of scary sometimes here, more than at The Roomie's house.  But my Nanny and my Papa have a nice big backyard, and my Nanny puts out a birdie feeder so they come around.  Then I can chase them, which is one of my fave-fur-ite things to do!

My Nanny and my Papa also like to share their foodables with me.  This drives That Mean Girl crazy, because she says that I have to "stay lean, because he only has one front leggie".   I think she is just jealous, because my Nanny and my Papa don't give her foodables.  My Papa always gives me half of his apple.  And lots of other things that That Mean Girl doesn't know about, so I won't write about them here.

They also let me bark more than That Mean Girl does.  Wroo!

I also really wuff to roll on my Papa's bed!  If he doesn't close his bedroom door all the way, I sneak in there and roll.  It is really pawsome!

I don't have much time, since I had to sneak on here when That Mean Girl wasn't paying attention.  It is furry hard to type with my nose, because all the keys on the laptop thingy are so close together.  But I seem to have figured it out okay, so I'll try to sneak on to my bloggy more often.

I guess I better say something about how That Mean Girl is doing.  She has been going to the People V-E-T a lot lately, and she takes a lot of different pills.  (She doesn't even take them with peanut butter, or CheezeWhiz!  She has no idea, really.  It is quite sad.)  She says they are "trying to find a meds combination that works".  I’m sure it would work better if she took them with CheezeWhiz.

She is also doing lots of cheating on me with other doggies.  Evfurry Monday night, she goes away and comes back hours later smelling of puppies.  Can you imagine???  She says she is teaching the puppies’ people how to train them.  A likely story.

She also is doing something with the SPCA shelter doggies and the magic clicky box.  I don’t know why she feels the need to go there to use the magic clicky box, since I’m always ready, willing, and able to let her click it at me and give me treats.  I really don’t understand her.

She spends a LOT of time on this laptop thingy.  She says she is “learning”.  Another likely story.

Anyway, enough about That Mean Girl.  And I think I hear her coming back, so I’d better go lie on the chair Upside Down so she doesn’t suspect anything.

I miss all of you, my furends.  Here’s hoping you’re all still out there somewhere!  And hoping that That Mean Girl gets off the laptop thingy evfurry once in a while, so I can sneak on here and post!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sad Saturday - Run free and happy, Charlie

Sad wroos, furends. We have had to say goodbye to another good furend, Charlie. It is hard to say goodbye to any of our furends, but Charlie was a furry special doggy. He was a founding doggy of Dogs with Blogs, which is the website that brought so many of us doggies around the world together in furendship. And Charlie also was a robodoggy, with a pacemaker that kept his heart working right up until the end.

Our hearts are very heavy today, even though we know that Charlie had the best life a doggy could possibly have, and now he is running free at the Rainbow Bridge and frolicking with his girlfurend, Freda. Girlie is crying, and I am howling to heaven - we are sending our love around the world to Charlie's family, Greg, Brooke and Opy.

If you are a member of Dogs with Blogs (and even if you aren't), please drop by Charlie's bloggy to let Charlie's family know that there is a world full of people, doggies, kitties and other furries that are in mourning for Charlie. Chances are that without Dogs with Blogs, which was created by Charlie and his family, we wouldn't have the wonderful critter bloggies that exist today. And we certainly wouldn't have the loving community that we are part of.

Charlie, we know that when our time comes, you will greet us at the Rainbow Bridge with a wagging tail and loving heart. We will never furget you, Big Dog.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our furend JB needs our help

Sad wroos, furends. My kitty furend JB and his family need our help! JB's doggy brother Bear has been taken by a mean man to hurt their Mom. Please go to JB's Small World and leave them a message of support. Also, send out your doggy/kitty vibes, say a prayer, cross your paws, howl to heaven, or do whatever it is that you do, so that Bear can be brought home to his family as soon as possible.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Don't worry, hot dogs, I'm coming!"

Wroo, furends! I have become a SEARCH AND RESCUE doggy!

The Girl has started to give me little cut up pieces of hot dogs when we're doing "training time". The other day, she took a handful of them and FLUNG them all over the grass in the backyard. I immediately knew what was required of me, and I raced to rescue the poor little hot dog pieces!

It was hard work, but I SAVED each and every little hot dog piece! I think I deserve some kind of MEDAL or something! WROO!

Pee Ess I must apologize for the blurry pictures, as well as the washed out colour of the pictures. But at least The Girl is posting again, so I don't dare criticize her much at the moment. Besides, she is clearly LOSING her mind -- flinging little bits of hot dog all over the place is, I'm sure, a sign of mental deterioration. Good thing she has a SAR doggy like me around to pick up the pieces! (Wroo, sorry for the pun, I couldn't resist!)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I can help myself, Girlie!

Wroo, furends! Well, we missed posting on the weekend because The Girl went to an agility trial WITHOUT ME, cheating with all those other doggies! Then, we missed posting yesterday because The Girl was "tired". I have told her what I think of those excuses!

So, today I decided to write about the yummers new ingredient that I get at dinner time:

SARDINES!!!! I wuff them, they are sooooooooo good! Girlie tells me that it is a sign of how much she loves me that she gives me a sardine evfurry night, because just the smell of them makes her gag. I don't know what she's talking about, they smell delicious to me.

The other day, she came home with a bagfull of foodables. She put most of them away, after I stuck my head into the bag to check for contraband. (I know that many of my furends have similar responsibilities; it is a doggy's job to inspect all bags coming in to the house.) But she left a couple of cans of sardines in the bag, and left the bag where I could reach it.

After time had passed, and being an enterprising doggy, I took both of the cans out of the bag and unwrapped them. Then, because I never get enough food (The Girl keeps me on a starvation diet, and then has the nerve to tell me it's because I only have three leggies... can you imagine!), I thought I would just help myself to a sardine or two. I worked at it a bit, and then I put a tooth through the bottom of the sardine can! I was most impressed with my own strength and resourcefulness. I took a break, as it is quite a lot of work to get into a can without thumbs and one of those opener-thingys.

In the meantime, The Girl discovered all the work I had been doing. She didn't even tell me how clever a dog I was or anything! The sardine cans were taken away from me, and I didn't even get to have a sardine! All that work, and Girlie just THREW THE CAN AWAY!!!! I know, furends, you are as shocked as I was. She told me that she didn't know how long the can had been "punctured", and that to be safe, she would just throw it in the garbage. The sheer wastefulness is not lost upon you, my doggy and kitty furends, I know! Never mind that I had EARNED a sardine!

Needless to say, I was very irritated at The Girl. She didn't seem to notice. Now I'm back to just a sardine at dinner time (or even just PART of a sardine, because The Girl says they are really big and "Dannan, we have to watch your weight because of your leggy", which is just insulting, and probably against the law because it is DISCRIMINATION against a DISABLED doggy). I don't know why I continue to put up with That Girl.

Another thing that keeps me wondering is the quality of pictures lately. These are he kind of pictures she's been taking:

Even if you put all the pictures together, you STILL don't have a full, proper picture of my handsome self! I seriously need to start looking for a new person to be in charge of my foodables and that silver clicky-box thingy.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Backyard fun!

Wroo! I am getting to write on my bloggy again! We haven't been visiting much yet, but at least I get to post again this weekend!

And there are new pictures, too! Girlie took them last weekend - I made her do something I wanted her to do! Wroooooooooooo!

I tried to use the little white clicky box on her, but darned if I can figure out how she makes it work. Poking it with my nose, bashing it with my paw... neither made it make the magic clicky noise. And I can't get into the fridge to get treats for her, anyway. (The Girl notes that if Dannan did somehow manage to figure out how to open the fridge, he would probably eat all the treats himself!) Very funny, Girlie. No "wroo" for you!

Speaking of the whole nose-poking business... I have added a new and exciting feature to that silly "touch" game that The Girl likes to play! It's ever so much more fun this way, let me tell you how I do it! The furst few times, I just poke her quietly. But then, I add noise to the poke. I start small, just little "rrrrrrrrrrrr" kinds of sounds. Then I gradually get louder, "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR", and as I get louder, I start slamming my nose into her hand. It's much more exciting that way!

Enjoy the pictures! I was having SO much fun in the backyard that day (like I do most days, wroo!), and I didn't even mind that The Girl had that stupid silver box pointed at me!

Looking for birdies in the cherry tree...

More looking for birdies...

Sometimes it helps if you sit...

Still looking...