Friday, March 27, 2009

Wrooo, I just had to post this Loldog:

As soon as I saw it, I thought of Dennis the Vizsla. And how his Dada needs to think hard about whose fault it is when destruction happens!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Me and My Hedgie

Wroo, evfurry body. Girlie took a picture of me today on her cellphone. She was too lazy to go across the room and get the camera. I guess I can't complain, because at least we're posting something!

I have had Hedgie for years. He is my oldest stuffy, and you will notice that he is still intact. It is not from lack of trying, believe me! I can't seem to get him to explode. Usually I tear off a stuffy's limb, but his little feety-feets are just so tiny that I can't seem to get a good grip. Never fear, I'll post pictures of Hedgie when I finally manage to make him explode!

Girlie is getting over the buggy she had, but now is losing her voice. She's got papers evfurry where, getting ready for the SPCA Annual General Meeting on Sunday. She keeps saying that she is the chair, but that doesn't make any sense to me. I know chairs; I like to steal them from my people when they get up. But you know, The Girl babbles all the time about stuff that doesn't make any sense. All I know is that this meeting thing will be another thing I don't get to go to!

She's been furry busy all month, trying to get ready for this meeting. She says that this is the end to a furry long year, and she can't wait for the meeting to be over. Because of her brain sickies and what the people v-e-ts told her, she has to take a break from working so hard at the SPCA. Even though they told her that she should stop right away after she got out of the hospital, she said that there was some things that she just didn't feel right about leaving for other people to have to do. If only I could get her to feel that way about walkies and super-extended play sessions! But maybe now that she's taking a break, we'll get to do more stuff together. Like trips to the dog park! And BLOGGING! Wroo!

Anyway, The Girl and I thank you all again for being so supportive the last while, and for sticking by us even though we haven't been around much! Wroo!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Old photo alert

But at least it's a photo. Wroo.

The Girl is making all kinds of interesting noises. She sneezes and coughs, hacks and groans, moans and sniffles. And when I jump on her, she makes an intriguing squeal-ly kind of sound. When she made it the furst time, I had to jump on her again a few times to try to figure out what exactly it was about. I thought that it was a squeal of delight as I bounced and bounced. But I could be wrong, she keeps saying something about how her whole self hurts.

It's a lovely day but chilly. It's perfect for pictures, but The Girl is all burrowed under blankets. And I am not permitted to have the kleenex, if you can imagine that! So I'm outside all by myself, not even anybody to watch me run. Sigh. At least Papa is feeling better. Now, just gotta get Girlie back up to snuff! Thanks for all your good wishes, she'll be on the mend soon, I'm sure!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sickies again

Wroo. No pictures AGAIN. The Girl has got some kind of sickies, the kind where she moans about her body aches and feeling icky. My Papa has them, too. Not fun for Little Brown Dogs.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


We have to apologize to both The Painter Pack and to everybody at The Misadventures of Me. It is the Painter Pack's human grandpa who passed away. We hope no one was hurt or offended by this mistake. Our love goes to Mya Boo Boo and everyone at The Painter Pack.

More sad news...

It just seems like the sad wroos never stop lately.

Our furend River has lost his sweet brother, Hootie. And our furends at The Misadventures of Me have lost their human grandpa. We are sending both families lots of Brown Dog Love and Girlie hugs.

All of this sadness is making The Girl quite useless. We had great plans of visiting evfurry body on their bloggy by the end of today. Well, we're up to about 100 bloggies on the paper list (I know, isn't Girlie just so last century with the paper?), and Dogness knows The Girl is no Lorenza. (Lorenza has about 350 bloggies that she visits regularly!) But we have been around to a dozen or so bloggies, and we'll work on getting to evfurry body else's sometime this week. Girlie has to learn to set more realistic goals, and to overrule me when I insist on things that just aren't going to happen.

(Girlie is furry bad at setting big goals, especially once she starts feeling better. Her motto lately has been, Lessons Will Be Repeated Until They Are Learned. I've been thinking about trying to help her out by using the clicker, but I can't figure out how to click it without thumbs. Any ideas?)

Anyway, we're coming. Slowly. Wroo.

The Girl got an award....

... and Dannan is letting me post it on his blog! Thanks, buddy. (I won't mention that he is currently outside and has no idea that I'm even doing this post!)

This award is from our friend, Daisy, who gave me this award an embarrassingly long time ago. Many thanks to you, Daisy! This is the prettiest award ever!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

No post today

Wroo, furends. We're not going to do a real post today (even though I keep telling The Girl that posting to say we're not doing a post is in fact a post!). Instead, we're FINALLY going to get back to reading our furends' bloggies! We are both furry sad today because of the sad wroos from Sunny and Scooter and Jamie; they were one of our furst bloggy furends, you know, and they are furry dear to our hearts. So we both need some cheering up.

Besides that, The Girl has been making a comprehensive list of our old and new bloggy furends, so that we can streamline the process of reading. (The Google Reader thingy is just not helping us out; it's got too many bloggies on it! I keep telling The Girl that her non-doggy/kitty bloggies don't really belong, but she stubbornly keeps them there.) The list isn't completely done yet, but our goal fur the weekend is to visit evfurry body's bloggy! So if you don't hear from us by the end of Sunday, pop back and leave a comment, because The Girl has just missed putting you on the list. She gets confused easily, you know.

(This list, btw, is on paper. Perhaps someday in the next year Girlie will actually update our bloggy roll!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sad news

Sad wroos from our furends at the Texas Sun Dogs, evfurry body. Sunny and Scooter, and their Mom Jamie, have lost Jamie's Mom. Jamie's Mom has not been well, and she finally left this world. The Girl is leaking for their loss, and I am howling to heaven for them all.

Fuzzy Ducky Friday

Wroo, furends! The Girl thanks all of you who counselled me to have patience and understanding for her. I, on the other hand, wish you wouldn't encourage her!

We still don't have that great post for you that I was planning, because The Girl started to take some pictures last night for me, and somehow managed to run the battery down until it was all gone. I have to just sigh and shake my handsome head. But we do have a post today about one of my favourite toys, Pink Ducky. (We don't actually call it "Fuzzy Ducky", but this week The Girl has been into these post titles where the words start with the same letter. So that's what she did.)

Pink Ducky is not a dog toy, so it didn't have a squeeker inside; Girlie found it for me at a thrift store with the kids' toys. But I sure love Pink Ducky!

There is also a video of me playing with Pink Ducky. It has been so long since The Girl took it that we don't remember if it's any good. Hopefully, it was!

And here are some pictures of my handsomeness, accented by Pink Ducky's fluffiness.

And my furend, Biggie Z, asked if I was planning to make Ticked Off Thursdays into a weekly feature. I like that idea, I'm sure I could find something to rant about once a week (often, it's even more than once a week! Wroo!). So we'll see if Girlie lets me!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ticked off Thursday

Wroooo, furends. It's Ticked Off Thursday here. Not with those nasty tick things that bite and steal our bloods, but ticked off as in mad.

I had a great post planned for today, instead of all the lazy ones that The Girl has been doing. But she and Nanny went out ALL DAY, and now she says she's too tired! Can you believe it??? AND she says that she's too tired to even find a picture to put up on this post! Clearly, I need to get myself a new secretary! It is too, too much to put up with!

So my furends, I guess you'll just have to imagine me. If you know of anybody who would like to be my new secretary, let me know. Wroo.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SLIMED! The "After" Photos

Wroo, furends! Today is Tuesday, so it's time for the AFTER pictures of the slime! (See the before pictures here.)

So I run around and get a little slime hanging from my mouth. Then, I run around some more, and this is what happens to the slime:

The Girl is apparently a little obsessed with this slime (wait 'til you see all the pictures she took of it). Here's another shot:

And another...

A view from the front:

A close-up:


"Seriously. I'm going in the house if you are going to keep taking pictures of it."


Monday, March 9, 2009

Missed Shots Monday

Wroo, evfurry body! Today, The Girl thought it would be funny to show you some of the pictures she took of me that were complete misses. I think that it just shows how much she needs to practice with the Silver Clicky Box*, but...

Anyway, I am a furry FAST dog! Girlie often tries to take a picture of me, but when she clicks that button and the picture shows up, she often finds that the picture looks like this:

Or this:

Or even this:

Sometimes, she aims the Silver Clicky Box ahead of where I am running, so that she can try to get me in the frame. Then, she sometimes gets a picture that looks like this:

Girlie is claiming that this is a Missed Shot like the others, but it is not. You can clearly see that I am not even moving. She can't blame the fact that she chopped off my head on me running too fast. But sometimes the one with the fingers gets the final say, she says. No one is fooled, Girlie.

Ha ha ha! Girlie, you included this one in the Missed Shots, but I'm there! Brown Dog Stealth, engage!

And yet again, The Girl is insisting on putting this photo in with the so-called Missed Shots. Again, you can tell that I am just standing there. No excuse for this one, Girlie!

In this one, I admittedly outran the Silver Clicky Box:

And in this one, too:

This is another one where I am clearly not moving. Just look closely at my hind haunch. All of these ones that chop up my handsomeness, they're not even action shots!

Another photo where half of me is cut off, that can only be blamed on Girlie needing a reality check.

But this one, I can honestly admit that I was in this corner, barking at the birdies, when she started to take the picture. But then I had to chase a birdie that flew away, and the Silver Clicky Box was TOO SLOW!

I told The Girl that this post didn't really count toward a Picture-A-Day of me, since there were no pictures of me in it. She tried to say that those chopped up ones count, but I told her, "Seriously, Girlie!" And she agreed to put in a picture that includes my head, since I'm sure that my furends come by to see my face and not my hind-half.

I am not amused that she chose this picture as the one with my face, even though it pretty much sums up my opinion of this entire post. And notice, this picture is chopped off, too! Wroooo!

*The Silver Clicky Box is not to be confused with the Clicker. The Clicker is much better than the Silver Clicky Box, because the Clicker always means I get a treat. Not so with the Silver Clicky Box!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Silent and Serious Sunday

Check it out! - Edited, and Edited again!

I'm just out in the backyard at Nanny and Papa's, hanging around...

When I run, sometimes I get a little bit of what The Girl calls "slime" hanging down from my lips...

She calls it that because after it starts, if I keep running, it usually flips over my muzzle and SLIMES on my face. This is the Before Picture!

Tune in Tuesday for the AFTER!

Pee Ess Our new furends Ruby and Penny (they live in Canada, too - wrooooo!) commented that they were surprised that we still have some snow. We do, but not as much as it looks like in these pictures. The Girl is taking a lazy approach to this Picture-a-Day idea, and using up old photos that she's never gotten around to putting on the bloggy. Seriously, I don't know how I put up with her! Maybe tomorrow we'll post a picture that shows what our snow really looks like. I can always hope....

Edited: That Girlie! She's REALLY trying to be lazy, and to outfox all of my furends! She wanted this post to publish on Monday - she's trying to set up posts ahead of time, if you can believe it! This is NOT the spirit of the Picture-a-Day idea, Girlie! But my bloggy is smarter than that, and showed you all the truth: she's trying to CHEAT!

Anyway, we're going to take pictures tomorrow (which is Sunday) of what the backyard looks like, because we really don't have this much snow left anymore. And we WILL post the Slime - AFTER picture on Tuesday. Girlie is feeling a little embarrassed at being caught out cheating, so she's going to stop for tonight and give me a belly rub instead. RIGHT, Girlie???

Edited AGAIN: The Girl had to come in and fix the link to Ruby and Penny's bloggy, which is HERE. The link above is fixed, too. Sorry to my new furends, Ruby and Penny! The Girl is obviously too tired to be blogging, since she's so sleepy that (a) she accidentally published this post, letting herself be caught at cheating, and (b) clicked the WRONG bloggy on Ruby and Penny's Blogger profile, linking their PAWSOME bloggy to a bloggy we've never even read before! (Though that bloggy is also a Dachshund bloggy, and we might just have to check it out sometime.) Girlie is both red-faced and muttering HBO words, so not only does she owe me that belly rub, but perhaps also a Parmesan Cheese Cookie!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A furry good idea!

Oh my Dogness, furends, you would not believe the HBO words that have been flying around here! The Girl is having bloggy problems, so bear with us, please.

Our good furends from The Thundering Herd have had a pawsome idea! On our last post, they commented, "We think posting a daily picture of you would be a great part of the healing process!"

(Now, The Girl has some weird infatuation with Rusty, so she's pretty sure this was his idea. I'm not so sure - sorry, Rusty, no offence - but whoever thought of it, it's super!)

We're going to do our best to post a picture of me evfurry day! Some days there might not be much writing, but The Girl and I both agree that trying to do even a really short post is a good way to work on getting back into the swing of things.

Today's picture is a bit dated, since it's from The Girl's cell phone. (She says to please ignore all the fluff and stuff on the couch cushion!) This picture is the wallpaper on Girlie's cell phone, and people always ask her if the picture is upside down. Ha ha, it really is ME that is Upside Down! Wroo!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Pictures from a sunny day

Wroooooooo, furends! I bet you thought The Girl fell asleep and never woke back up!

We're both doing well. My Girlie is continuing to get better, even though she's still really dizzy all the time. And I'm a little bit bored when she naps, but Nanny and Papa look after me when she sleeps. And that Girlie keeps telling me we'll get walking again soon, but I don't think I believe her. She says the delay is mostly 'cause she can't find my Torture Device. Little does she know, but I took care of that nasty head harness but good.

Just a quick post for today. We've had some really nice days recently, so The Girl's taken pictures. Notice that they haven't made it to my bloggy. Send emails complaining, that might help! Wroooo!

These pictures were taken one day when The Girl had to go to the people V-E-T, but it wasn't quite time to leave yet. In the background of a couple of them, you can see the Magnificently Huge Purse she carries around. (That's what she's taken to calling it, and I blame Mango. I wuff you, buddy, but seriously, The Girl is taking it too far.)

And here is a shot she took of my handsomeness. Please ignore the gunky in my eye! I apparently need a makeup person or something, since she doesn't bother to make me look my finest before she clicks that silver boxy thing.

And a really big thank you to all of you, furends, for continuing to stop by and leave your messages of love and support for us. It really helps my Girlie in her healing process, and it really helps me to know that you all haven't given up on me, what with the stunning lack of bloggy posts. Wrooooooooo to each and evfurry one of you, and lots of Brown Dog Love!

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