Saturday, May 30, 2009

Backyard fun!

Wroo! I am getting to write on my bloggy again! We haven't been visiting much yet, but at least I get to post again this weekend!

And there are new pictures, too! Girlie took them last weekend - I made her do something I wanted her to do! Wroooooooooooo!

I tried to use the little white clicky box on her, but darned if I can figure out how she makes it work. Poking it with my nose, bashing it with my paw... neither made it make the magic clicky noise. And I can't get into the fridge to get treats for her, anyway. (The Girl notes that if Dannan did somehow manage to figure out how to open the fridge, he would probably eat all the treats himself!) Very funny, Girlie. No "wroo" for you!

Speaking of the whole nose-poking business... I have added a new and exciting feature to that silly "touch" game that The Girl likes to play! It's ever so much more fun this way, let me tell you how I do it! The furst few times, I just poke her quietly. But then, I add noise to the poke. I start small, just little "rrrrrrrrrrrr" kinds of sounds. Then I gradually get louder, "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR", and as I get louder, I start slamming my nose into her hand. It's much more exciting that way!

Enjoy the pictures! I was having SO much fun in the backyard that day (like I do most days, wroo!), and I didn't even mind that The Girl had that stupid silver box pointed at me!

Looking for birdies in the cherry tree...

More looking for birdies...

Sometimes it helps if you sit...

Still looking...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Girl has lost her mind...

Wroo, furends! I finally got some bloggy time!

It has been kind of a boring month. That Girlie isn't taking pictures of me still - any doggy or kitty know how to train a hooman how to do that?!? The pictures in this post below are from earlier this spring -- I finally got The Girl to upload them from the little silver box (the one that flashes) to the bigger silver box (that she spends all her time with instead of with me).

I have been chasing lots of birdies. Nanny and Papa have new neighbours, and they are all amazed at how fast I run. It is nice to get that reaction from them, because all of my peoples just take it for granted that I can run like the wind! (Or like a birdie...) Nanny calls me "the little brown flash", which is a pretty good nickname, I think.

But I know you are wondering why I say that Girlie has lost her mind. So I will get right to that story. Sometimes The Girl brings out a little white box that she holds in her hand. She calls it "training time", and the little white box makes a click sound, then I get a treat. It's a pretty good time.

So lately, she's been getting out the little while clicky thing, and then she wants me to poke her hand with my nose. When I do, she makes it say click, and I get a little piece of hot dog. I have no idea why on earth she would want me to poke her hand with my nose, but The Girl often does things that I don't understand. We've been playing this little poking game quite a bit, and she's even given it a name - Touch. I look at her like she's crazy when we play this game, but as long as the hot dogs keep coming, I'll keep poking at her.

One day, she even wanted me to poke Nanny's hand with my nose. So I did. Lots of times, and I got lots of treats. Then she asked me to poke Papa's hand... that was harder for me, because I am sometimes quite nervous of Papa, especially his hands. But I did poke his hand, twice, and got lots of treats and praise. I really don't know what's going on with Girlie.

Then today, we were outside in the backyard and she wanted me to poke this round green thing that she calls a Beach Ball. I can see no point to this exercise, but today she was giving out little pieces of CHEESE for nose-poking the Beach Ball. So I did it until Girlie said that the cheese was all gone.

Does anybody know why The Girl would get so excited about nose-poking??? I'm not complaining, mind you -- as long as she's giving out treats, I'll keep nose-poking. But the purpose of this activity is beyond me!

So here are a couple of pictures of me outside. You can tell that they are from earlier this spring, because the grass is all dead. Right now, the grass here is all green and nice. Here's me looking in the neighbour's yard for birdies:

This one is just me, hearing something in the backyard:

And here's one of me looking at the small silver boxy thing:

Hopefully, I'll get another change to bloggy soon. Send in your tips for training stubborn and hard-to-train Girlies!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

An award (we're totally shocked!) and a new furend!

Wroo, furends! I told The Girl we had to write something for my bloggy because we got an award! (I can't believe that anydoggy would give us an award when we haven't even been blogging, but that just goes to show that our furends still love us anyway!)

We got this award from Maizy, Wrigley, Probert, Addy and the Brown Dog Mom! Furst, I want to say THANK YOU to them! Second, I want to say that we started to read their bloggy because Maizy, Wrigley and Probert are all brown doggies, just like me! (We kept reading because they are really cool and pawsome!) But, NOW get this: they just added another doggy to their family named Addy. She's not a brown dog like me and them, she's black and white. But she's a three-legger just like me! She's even missing the same front leggy as I am! WROOOOOOOOOO, Addy!

(Note from The Girl: It is really neat to read about Addy's first few weeks in her new home, especially the posts about how blazingly FAST she is and how she gets along brilliantly on three legs! I remember marvelling at Dannan's mobility, and being completely blown away by the way that dogs just get on with it; they don't get caught up in their "disability" -- heck, in their minds, there's nothing wrong with them! They just figure out how to do whatever it is that they want to do, and that's the end of it. It's really been wonderful to be taken back to that time.)

Wroo, Girlie, let's show them the award!

Here's the scoop about this award:
*As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging.
*To seek the reason why we all love blogging.
*Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.
*Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.
*Answer the Award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.
*Tag and distribute the Award to as many people as you like.
*Don’t forget to notify the Award receivers and put their links in your post

Right now, the reason we love blogging is that we've made such amazing furends - people who still love us even though we've been blogger-boogers lately. As Girlie would say, seriously! Evfurry one we've met through this bloggy has been so pawsome! We've made some truly amazing furends, and we get to hear about life as a doggy (or a kitty!) all over the world!

We're not going to pick any doggy or kitty for this award; instead, it's for all of you, furends! Evfurry single one of you who keeps checking in on us and making sure we're okay, each of you make our hearts sing. (And The Girl cry, but that's a diffurent bloggy post!)

The Girl hasn't taken any pictures lately, but here's a little one from before, so you can at least see me in my brown doggedness.

Big, sloppy Brown Dog Kisses for Maizy, Wrigley, Probert, Addy and the hooman formerly known as Brown Dog Mom! WROOOOO!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Long time...

Wroo, furends. I told The Girl that we had to post something, because some of our good furends are worried about us. So she finally is getting on with it, even though it's taken furever!

We are doing all right. Well, I am doing great, having lots of fun chasing birds and snoopervising the outside activities of Nanny and Papa. The Girl, she goes up and down. Her new med, which was so promising at furst, is not proving to be the answer, and her mood isn't really very stable. She's also been doing lots of things that I don't approve of, like taking part in a Poem A Day Challenge on her own bloggy in April, and taking some therapy course for her brain sickies. AND, she has started co-teaching a puppy class at our local training facility. I DEFINITELY don't approve of that! She stopped working at the SPCA, which she really needed a break from, and she replaced it with other doggies instead of taking that time for me! Can you believe it??? She is so selfish...

(She is telling me to be honest and tell you that I am getting lots more of my own training sessions. I like training time because it always means lots of good eatables and Girlie spending time with me. But she should be spending ALL of her time with me, not spreading it out among the other doggies of the city.)

Anyway, that's the news from us. The Girl says she hasn't known what to post here lately (and no wonder, she can't very well post on MY bloggie that she's doing all this stuff with OTHER doggies!), and she's just not been up to keeping up with all our furends on their bloggies. I hope you are all doing well -- maybe someday soon, that Bad Girlie will take me around so I can find out! Our love to all of you, and please don't worry about us. That Girlie will get her act together someday!