Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm doing well, it's The Girl's fault

Wrooo, evfurrybody!  I just snuck onto The Girl's laptop to quickly write a message to let evfurryone know I am okay.  I got better after my trip to the V-E-T this summer -- I had to spend a couple of nights there with something called an IV.  Then I got feeling better bit by bit.

At the same time, The Girl was going through her own medical drama.  Wroo.  She's had what she calls "health issues", and she thinks that excuses the blatant lack of posting on my bloggy.  I am sorry for any of my furiends who might have been wondering how I have been doing... and Girlie is sorry, too.  I am totally back to my usual healthy self, and Girlie is doing okay, too.  But we haven't been visiting anybody's bloggies at all in MONTHS, and you've seen that she's not letting me write on my own bloggy.  I am hoping that The Girl will get back to our normal routine soon.  At least she's walking me again!

Thanks for all of the thoughts and doggy vibes that you all were sending before.  They helped, for sure!

I'll try to sneak back onto the laptop soon and do another post.  Wroo to you all!