Sunday, August 31, 2008

Playing with the laser light

So, The Girl still hasn't gotten it together enough to take some new pictures of me. But Karen took these last night when The Girl and I were playing with the laser light (my fave-fur-it toy!).

I get crazy eyes when I play with the laser light, and The Girl didn't do anything to edit the pictures. She's so lazy. Sorry about the last picture especially, and the nasty pajama-and-sock intrusion by The Girl.

Sorry you can't see the laser light; it's red on our red couch, so you have believe me when I tell you it really is there!

Brown dog kisses,

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Barking for (and thinking of) you

If y'all are in the path of Gustav (and whatever comes next), please know that Dannan is barking for you - if you can't hear him, he can always bark louder! And I am thinking of you, hoping you'll all be okay.

And for the Katrina survivors who are in the path of Gustav et. al, we are especially wanting our barks and good thoughts to reach you. We hope that whatever happens, you are helped MUCH faster and better than in 2005.

Brown dog kisses,
Dannan and The Girl

Dog is my co-pilot

Please note: there was no traffic on this road; it is almost always empty. So Dannan was completely safe the entire time! :)

Shelter dogs -- the original "designer dogs"! Make the SPCA your first adoption option!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen nicknames that Dannan has:

1. PuppyBoy

2. BooBear

3. Booda

4. Froggle

5. Mister Bister

7. Precious Boy (aren't I nauseating? lol)

8. Buddy/Bud

9. Baby Boy

10. Mister Bister BooBear Boy

11. Puppy Dannan

12. Mr. Bossy Paw (when he's upside down and I'm scratching his chest, he tries to move my hand with his front paw, to where he wants to be scratched)

13. Spoiled Dog

For more cool Thursday Thirteens, head on over here.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pee ess

The Girl told me that I had to add that the money also goes to help the cats, and the rabbits, and the birds, and the horses, and the goats, and the critters... She says we can't just help the doggies.

I keep telling her that I want my very own cat, but she never brings me one. I want a cat!

Wowzers, we're doin' good!

Wow, everypuppy, we've had amazing support for our fundraising campaign for the BCSPCA!

The Girl originally set our goal at $100. Then we reached that goal, and she upped it to $150. And just now, we hit $190!! So The Girl reset us again, for $250! We've never raised so much for the Paws for a Cause Walk for the Animals!

All the money stays in our community (Kamloops, BC), and goes to help abandoned, injured, and abused animals that come into the care of our SPCA. I was there before I found My Girl and found my furever home, and since The Girl says we can't bring home all the other doggies, we can at least make their time at the SPCA better.

The Girl's original post about this great cause is here. If you want go to our page to donate to us, you can find it here. And thanks!

Brown dog kisses,

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

Hi, again, everypuppy!

I've snuck back onto the blog again. The Girl is battling a bout of depression right now, for a whole bunch of reasons that I don't really understand. After all, we've got lots of food and treats, a great yard to run around in, and lots of comfy places to nap.

One thing she's trying to figure out is whether Emotional Support Animals are recognized in British Columbia. She has always told me that me being in her life is what keeps her going, and that I'm as important to her as her medicine. I do try to take care of her. I cuddle with her all the time when she's sick, and if she cries, I get right in there and kiss her until she feels better. I don't need a title to keep doing that, I just do it 'cause I love her.

If anypuppy knows anything about Emotional Support Animals in BC or even in Canada, please pee-mail my Girl. Thanks, pups. I'll work hard at getting The Girl feeling better so we can blog more.

Brown dog kisses,

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hijacking the blog again!

Ha-roo, everypup, it's me, Dannan!

The Girl's feeling all blue and mopey today, so I've taken over the blog!

I'm going to post some pictures of The Girl's first doggie, whose name was Shea. But also Misthill Shea's Destiny of York. I'm sure glad my name's just Dannan!

I never got a chance to know Shea, 'cause she went to the Rainbow Bridge in November of 2004, and I didn't find The Girl until the spring of 2005. But The Girl says she had just turned 14 and needed for them to let her go. I know it was a hard thing for them to do, but I know they loved her so much.

The Girl and Nanny tell me that Shea loved to smell flowers (and to eat them sometimes! but only white violas, not the purple ones!). Nanny misses Shea even more, I think, than The Girl, because Shea was a one-person doggie, and she chose Nanny as her special person. But Nanny loves me lots, too - and I'm a many-person doggie! If you'll rub my belly, you can be one of my people!

So Shea has been at the Rainbow Bridge, playing and running and getting to eat all the white violas she wants! It sounds like a good place to wait for our peoples, but I'm no where near ready to leave The Girl yet! (The Girl always says, "Knock on wood" and hits herself in the head whenever somebody says something like this. I don't know why she thinks that a whack on the head is called for, but I know she's gonna do it again when she reads what I wrote!)

Anyway, here are two of The Girl's favourite pictures of Shea in her older years. Check out that super duper double Sheltie coat!

Looks like Shea loved to pose for the camera. I wonder how many cookies she'd get? Do I get same number when I pose? Hmmmm, wonder how I find that out.... A-hem, back to the pictures!

Brown dog kisses,

Saturday, August 16, 2008

And some pics!

SPCA Saturday - Volunteering at the SPCA

Hi, everyone! I've been inspired to do an "SPCA Saturday" by Wally (, who generously allows his ma ape to go to the local SPCA on Saturdays and post photos/descriptions of dogs there waiting for their furever home.

I'm not going to do it exactly the way Wally does it, but I really love the idea of a weekly post about the SPCA, rescue issues, etc. So here's the first one!

This is Volunteering at the SPCA. It is aimed at our local community, but a lot of what I write holds true wherever a dog is.

Volunteering at the SPCA isn't necessarily what people think. Or at least, it's not all that people think.

The usual picture that people have is cleaning kennels and walking dogs. It's true, those are important jobs that volunteers do. However, there are many, very different ways to contribute and help the animals.

Obviously, raising money is another crucial role. The BCSPCA gets no money from either the federal or provincial governments to fulfil the responsibilities we have been given (by the provincial government!) under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. The City of Kamloops has provided $30,000 to us for the past three years, but this is just a small proportion of the cost of caring for, and acting on behalf of, the animals. (The need to raise money is always an issue, wherever your non-profit, humane organization is located.)

So we need people to help us fundraise. People who can "ask" for donations are always needed! But there is a LOT more to it!

We need people to help plan special events, as well as to volunteer at those events. This includes working at information booths, helping at registration, taking care of VIPs, and every other role you can imagine.

But the opportunities don't stop there! There is often data entry to do, telephone calls to make, volunteers to orient, animals to foster in your home, and LAUNDRY to do!

We also have different working groups that take on special projects. These can include planning public relations campaigns, speaking to stakeholders and community members, putting together informational display boards, organizing shelter tours and classroom visits, humane education, and recruiting new volunteers.

You can write an article or story for our newsletter, or help us put the whole thing together. You can serve on our Community Council, which oversees all of the volunteer and program aspects of our branch, making plans and putting them into action.

As you can see, there are roles at the SPCA for everyone! Many people tell me that they "couldn't" volunteer at the SPCA because they would be too sad and hurt to see all the animals we care for. But the beautiful thing is that you can give in ways to help the animals, without having to be on the front lines. Every role is important -- we all work together, each in our own special way, to improve the lives of animals in our community. Everyone can contribute, and the animals benefit from it all!

So, like I said above, a lot of these roles are going to exist in any non-profit, humane organization. I'm familiar with all of them, so if any of you are wondering what "humane education" is or something else I've referred to, let me know and I'll explain more!

I think the most important thing to realize is that you *can* help, no matter what your skills are. Even if you need to protect your heart from working with the animals (which I completely understand), there are tons of ways to volunteer that never involves actually going in to the shelter. And like I wrote, the animals get the benefit of all of our individual contributions!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Please pledge Dannan in the 2008 Paws for a Cause Walk for the Animals

You have been invited to pledge Dannan Curry in the 2008 "Paws for a Cause...Walk for the Animals" - the largest campaign in support of animals in BC!

Ha-roo everyone, Dannan here!

I got The Girl (a.k.a. Lindsay) to write up this note so that everyone can see it. The SPCA was there to look after me until I got my forever home with The Girl, and I want to help take care of all the other abandoned, abused and neglected animals in Kamloops, BC, Canada. All the money you donate stays in Kamloops to look after critters like me!

The Girl and I won't be walking this year again, because she takes care of the registration booth and money management at Paws. And I would go insane with all the other doggies around! But we still want to collect pledges, and The Girl works so hard that day to make the walk happen for everyone else. So please pledge us!

Thank yous and Brown Dog Kisses,

To sponsor Dannan Curry click on the following link or copy and paste it into your internet browser:

Thank you in advance for your support from all the feet, hooves and paws behind our cause!

Online pledging is secure and easy. Secure online donations can be made with your credit card, and you'll receive an instant electronic tax receipt by e-mail.

At the BC SPCA, we assist, care for and speak for companion, farm and wild animals province-wide. Last year, we rescued 41,884 animals; found new families for 20,067 homeless animals; reunited 5,911 lost animals with their families; and conducted 4,647 cruelty investigations. We are a part of local communities and classrooms through our humane education programs, and a voice for all animals through our advocacy efforts.

Together, we can make a difference!

If you have any questions about the campaign or how to use the online system, please e-mail us at or visit
How can you resist a dog as handsome as I am?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Upside Down: A Meditation

Hi, everyone, the Girl here today. I want to add my thanks to Dannan's for the award! We never thought we'd get one, let alone when we're so new! What great encouragement to keep blogging, Boo Boo!

And I'm also tremendously excited that we're listed on Dogs With Blogs (DWB)! I've found such entertaining and heart-warming blogs there, it's an honour to be included!

So for today, a photo series of Dannan's favourite position. Especially if there is someone close by to rub his chest. Dannan has been known to offer up his belly to people within .5 nanoseconds of meeting them, if he thinks that there might be a rub in the offing!

Upside down at Nanny and Papa's.

Upside down on Nanny and Papa's couch.

Upside down at home.

I am so content to cuddle like this!

Upside down in his first doggy bed.

Upside down and nose plant: multi-tasking!

Are you coming over here to rub my belly, or what?

I guess not. Sigh.

Another upside down moment at Nanny and Papa's.

Shelter dogs -- the original "designer dogs"! Make the SPCA your first adoption option!

Wordless Wednesday (sort of!)

Hi everydoggy, it's Dannan here! This is my very first time hijacking the Girl's blog for us, but it's also about time!

Usually, we just post a picture on Wednesday, but today we have some really special news! We have just received our very first award!! (Even though the Girl does the typing, what would she have to blog about if it weren't for me? Wroo, wroo, wroo!)

Here's our VERY FIRST award!

Thank you so very much to Boo Boo from Singapore (, who is really an amazing pug! I hope I can get to be as wise as Boo Boo, and that I can live as long and wonderful a life as he has! Boo Boo has given us this blog to welcome us to DWB, and we feel really, really welcome!

Here are the rules that come along with the award:

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3) Nominate 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

Although the Girl has been really bad at posting lately (ha ha, we're so brand new at blogging, can we even say that?!), we're really good at reading other dogs' blogs. So we know that most of the blogging doggies that we read have already received this great award. That's why we're not going to nominate anydoggy. But if anydoggy is reading this and hasn't received this award, then we nominate YOU!! (And thanks for reading about our adventures!)

The Girl had planned to make her usual (lazy!) photo posting today, so I'll add the picture for her. Until the next time I hijack the blog, brown dog kisses to everyone!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Today, I am devoting my post to Khavana, a.k.a. Khavana Banana, Banana-dog, Banana-head, and Khav. Khavana is eight years old, and she truly is as cute as can be. You, dear reader, will not be able to tell that, because of two factors. One, I am an indifferent photographer at best (which I believe I've mentioned at least a dozen times by now). And two, because Khavana is the most un-photogenic dog I have ever encountered. She looks so adorable, so we snap a picture, but the picture does not reflect her real self. Ever.

So last night, she had been outside having a blast, and came in with her super-cute grin that she wears when she's had the Best Time Ever. The following collection of sad photos are my attempts to capture the cuteness of Khav. And as you will see, my attempts failed dramatically.

In the first picture, we see that Khavana is just like all the other dogs and children in the world, in that she does the exact opposite of what you want them to do when you take their picture.

In this picture, she is sending me nasty messages in her brain.

She appeals to her Mom, make the crazy lady stop!

She is so overcome by the horrors. she has fallen over.

Well, at least her mouth is open in this shot...

I thinks she's swearing at me.

Definitely complaining to Karen about what I'm subjecting her to.

If I wish really hard, her head will explode....

You can't see it here, but Karen is trying really hard to distract Khavana from the fact I'm taking her picture, because as soon as her attention is away from me, she resumes grinning. While I'm waiting for the camera to get itself ready for a new shot. When I can't actually take a shot.

I think this is as close as I can get...

Screwed-up face again...

Stop testing me, woman. You will live to regret it!

The final attempt. Which is actually pretty cute, but soooo not what I was trying to capture!

Also, today is Lexi's birthday, so happy day, little one. She's five! And it is also Karen's cat's tenth birthday, so happy day to Hailey, too.

Because I'm on my new laptop, and I have so far been too busy playing around to transfer over all the pictures from Karen's laptop, there are no pictures of Hailey to post. But here's a cute one of Lexi: