Monday, August 4, 2008


Today, I am devoting my post to Khavana, a.k.a. Khavana Banana, Banana-dog, Banana-head, and Khav. Khavana is eight years old, and she truly is as cute as can be. You, dear reader, will not be able to tell that, because of two factors. One, I am an indifferent photographer at best (which I believe I've mentioned at least a dozen times by now). And two, because Khavana is the most un-photogenic dog I have ever encountered. She looks so adorable, so we snap a picture, but the picture does not reflect her real self. Ever.

So last night, she had been outside having a blast, and came in with her super-cute grin that she wears when she's had the Best Time Ever. The following collection of sad photos are my attempts to capture the cuteness of Khav. And as you will see, my attempts failed dramatically.

In the first picture, we see that Khavana is just like all the other dogs and children in the world, in that she does the exact opposite of what you want them to do when you take their picture.

In this picture, she is sending me nasty messages in her brain.

She appeals to her Mom, make the crazy lady stop!

She is so overcome by the horrors. she has fallen over.

Well, at least her mouth is open in this shot...

I thinks she's swearing at me.

Definitely complaining to Karen about what I'm subjecting her to.

If I wish really hard, her head will explode....

You can't see it here, but Karen is trying really hard to distract Khavana from the fact I'm taking her picture, because as soon as her attention is away from me, she resumes grinning. While I'm waiting for the camera to get itself ready for a new shot. When I can't actually take a shot.

I think this is as close as I can get...

Screwed-up face again...

Stop testing me, woman. You will live to regret it!

The final attempt. Which is actually pretty cute, but soooo not what I was trying to capture!

Also, today is Lexi's birthday, so happy day, little one. She's five! And it is also Karen's cat's tenth birthday, so happy day to Hailey, too.

Because I'm on my new laptop, and I have so far been too busy playing around to transfer over all the pictures from Karen's laptop, there are no pictures of Hailey to post. But here's a cute one of Lexi:

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