Sunday, August 31, 2008

Playing with the laser light

So, The Girl still hasn't gotten it together enough to take some new pictures of me. But Karen took these last night when The Girl and I were playing with the laser light (my fave-fur-it toy!).

I get crazy eyes when I play with the laser light, and The Girl didn't do anything to edit the pictures. She's so lazy. Sorry about the last picture especially, and the nasty pajama-and-sock intrusion by The Girl.

Sorry you can't see the laser light; it's red on our red couch, so you have believe me when I tell you it really is there!

Brown dog kisses,

Shelter dogs -- the original "designer dogs"! Make the SPCA your first adoption option!


Tony said...

What a great looking Dog you have

The Girl said...

Thanks, Tony. Dannan prefers to be called a "Very Handsome Dog", although if there are scratches or food to be had, you can call him anything!

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

That looks like fun. He's got his own laser eyes going on too!!

Lady Kaos said...

Laser light chaseing is one of my favorite games!! Dad has a flashlight that has a laser setting on it so now any time someone is messing with a laser I'm right there waiting for the laser even if there isn't one on that flashlight. Mom has to explain to people once in awhile what my fascination is with flashlights.
Thanks for voting for me!!I can't believe Sunny, Scooter and Jamie posted for me, too. They're so nice. I haven't gone to thank them yet because I'm so busy thanking people they've sent to my blog. I should go do that right now!

The Girl said...

Sunny and Scooter! We love it when you come to our blog! (The Girl is sooo far behind on getting to the comments! Today is catchup day!) The Girl doesn't know how to get rid of my laser light eyes, so she doesn't even try anymore. But I can't tell from the inside, so it doesn't bother me none!

Lady Kaos, it's an honour that you visited our blog! We were totally happy to vote for you, and we hope you win! It's so cool you have all those Jeeps. I have an old, old, OLD Volvo.

Hmm, a laser light with a flashlight attached to it? Does the button to turn the laser light on stay on, or does your Dad have to keep it pushed down to get the laser light? The Girl has one where you have to keep pushing, and she uses it as an excuse to not play with me as much as she should!