Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye, 2008!

Happy New Year to all of my furends!!!

BOL! Do you like this picture of cats watching Dannan TV? The Girl made it at!

My furends from the Zoo Crew and my furend Joe Stains asked me why I HATE my hoodie, when I am so handsome in it? Well, just on general principle, I suppose! I hate wearing clothes of any sort. I think it all stems from when I had my operation and the V-E-T stole my leggy... afterward, instead of a Cone Head, I got to wear t-shirts. They covered up my stitches so I couldn't lick or chew at them, and I had to wear them for a very long time. The Girl went nuts and bought a whole bunch of baby shirts from the thrift store, and she dressed me up in them. I was tolerant at furst, but once I was healed I thought I was done with the clothing. Ever since, I've hated having to wear jackets and coats, or anything like them!

The Girl says to apologize for us still being behind on all our bloggy furends. If you can imagine, she's been working on HER bloggy. I know, the nerve, right? Her bloggy is nowhere near as interesting as mine, and she's definitely not in the same league when it comes to handsomeness. She doesn't even put up pictures! (Except of me, and why would you go to her bloggy to see the occasional picture of me, when you could come to MY bloggy where it's ALL about me?)

We are just having a quiet evening at home tonight. The Girl will probably insist on packing us off to bed at 9:00 or something. Tomorrow, we're going over to Nanny and Papa's house for the traditional New Year's dinner. I am hoping for some good eatables. The Girl says not to hold my breath, but Papa always finds a way!

We hope everyone is warm and safe tonight! Tell your peoples that, too! Wrooooo!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day!

Wroooooooooooooo and Merry Christmas! Dannan here, blogging from Nanny and Papa's house! We've been here since Tuesday, and we'll go home sometime this weekend, I think.

I got a new toy, Mr. Santa Head. Check out the action shots that The Girl took!

Then, while I was having fun with Mr. Santa Head, The Girl opened a gift with a pretty scarf in it. She asked me if I wanted to pose in the scarf; we settled on this compromise:

Wroo, a pretty handsome picture, if I do say so myself!

Then, of course, I had to go Upside Down.

They have snow here, too, just like we do at home! (The Girl notes that we only live fifteen minutes away.) The Girl shoveled out a little area for me to do my business. I also bounded through the snow in quite a few places, because she was too lazy to shovel paths for me. It's been a bit warmer today (only -4 or so Celsius), so I've been able to do a little running.

Dannan, faster than a speeding bullet! BOL, at least faster than a Girlie can take a picture!

Upside down, getting Nanny scratches! (Blurry, sorry!)

At Nanny and Papa's house, I can see out the front picture window and watch all the goings-on on the street. (As I've said before, I can't see out of our windows at home, because they are Min Pin proofed so they won't go bonkers when someone goes by.)

I got a whole bunch of presents, too!

This is from my Auntie S.

A package of Busy Bones from Santa...

Some parmesan cheese cookies from The Girl...

Skunk, from Nanny... he has a squeeker, and he also has crinkly bits in his arms and leggies!

A new coat, from The Girl. I don't know why she gave me a new coat, I hate my OLD coat! (The Girl: The old coat has velcro fasteners, and he's scared of the sound of them ripping apart. I haven't gotten around to replacing the velcro with snaps, so he got a new coat that pulls over. It's actually a hoodie! He looks like quite the rock star in it... I'll get a picture next time I put it on him.)

This is Mr. Santa Head, also from Nanny. He is missing the pompom on his hat (which The Girl cut off anyway), because I already pulled it off. He's a pretty fun guy.

I pose with all the Christmas loot...

The Girl begged and pleaded, and pleaded and begged, so I gave her a good shot...

The Girl also says that she got me a new laser pointer but forgot to give it to me. I say, show me the toy, Girlie! Then I'll believe it!

More fun with Mr. Santa Head... I am too fast for film!

The Girl says we are going to try to get a picture of the two of us together later on tonight. We don't have any pictures like that, so it would be nice if she had to pose for a change!

Oh, and I was going to mention that our Christmas card image is not the product of magic by The Girl. She didn't make my head go into the ornaments; it's a website called Photofunia. Please! The Girl can hardly use Photoshop to crop, never mind this kind of skillful art! Wroo! It's a fun site, so check it out when you have time.

Anywroo, I hope all of my furends are having a wonderful day, whether they celebrate Christmas or not. Hope you're all getting lots of cuddles and treats, and that your people (or Santa Paws!) got you some fun new toys! Furends, we love you all and are thinking of you today!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Wrooo, furends! The Girl has finally sent out our holiday email card! She deserves a cookie... and I deserve seventy-three for being so patient! Girlie, let's go make cookies!!!

Oh, right... I was going to say a bit more. We'll make cookies in a minute.

We've not been blogging much the past few days, and we might not be back to it until the weekend. (Then again, with the Girl, who knows? Not me, that's for sure!) We want all of our furends to know how thankful we are to know you and to share in your lives. And we want evfurrybody to have a warm and wonderful holiday season!

Now, some of our very good bloggy furends were not on the DWB holiday card list this year. We'd really like to send you an email with the card attached, so if you'd like to, please send us your email address to and we will!

We're also posting the e-card here. Stay warm and safe, and cuddle with the ones you love! Wroooooooooo!!!!

We are wishing you the happiest holidays, full of lots of love, cuddles, and TREATS!

Brown dog kisses and Girlie hugs,

Dannan and The Girl (a.k.a. Lindsay)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Call the authorities!

Wroo, I need some help, furends. It's too cold to go outside. I have so much pent-up energy, and nobody seems to appreciate me harassing the cats. And The Girl has been out socializing, shopping, and probably cheating on me (though I couldn't smell anything when she got home, I am still suspicious). I haven't been blogging or visiting furends' bloggies. I need the SPCA or someone to stage an intervention, or rescue me from the boredom of it all!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wroooo! Now I'm going to post about something a little less serious!

On December 12th, my new furend Addie tagged me for a meme! (See Addie, I told you The Girl would get to it eventually!)

The idea is, go to your Photo Archives or where ever you store your images; select the sixth file, open it & post the sixth picture contained there, with the story behind it. And, finally tag six friends to do like wise!

So, this is the picture there:

Ha ha ha! It's an unedited picture of me eating yogurt! When it's the right way up, it looks like this:

But The Girl never does anything simply, so she has another place where she keeps pictures. There are only four photos in the sixth folder, and this is the last one:

Wroo, I like both of those pictures! In the last one, I am all curled up and being sad because The Girl is not dancing attention on me. Hey, Girlie, why did you type that?! I'm sad because you are a Very Mean Girlie!

I think that a lot of my furends have done this meme before, so I won't name anybody to tag. But if you want to do it, TAG, you're it! Wrooooooo!!!

Two doggies that need our help!

Wroooo! Happy Wednesday! I'm not doing a Wordless Wednesday post today, because I want to write about two doggies that need some help.

The furst one is the doggy from my post yesterday, Daisy. Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle told me about her, and her situation is so similar to mine that I feel like we're kindred spirits. She's the doggy that was injured and not taken care of. Now she has had one operation, and she needs another one. The cost of Daisy's medical care is estimated to be between $5,000 and $7,000, and her foster mom has set up a fund to collect any donations that anybody can make. Go to Eduardo's post for the information on how to donate. (Eduardo made this really cool button, and I wanted to post again so I could share it with you!)

The other doggy I want to mention is named Sasha. She is being fostered by Tatum Tot Spice and her family for Utah Collie Rescue, and they are worried that the rescue group doesn't have enough money to pay for Sasha's medical care. Look at this beautiful girl!

You can see that Sasha has a problem with her nose. It actually extends to her mouth, nose and ears, and she is going to have a biopsy done on December 23rd to see what is causing the problem. There are apparently three possibilities, and if you'd like to read about them, please go to Tatum's Mum's bloggy. (At least I'm pretty sure that Cynthia is Tatum's Mum!)

Sasha also has kennel cough (which is being treated right now) and an infection in her mouth. She's got terribly bad teeth, too. There's a lot going on with this girl, and we want to help her cuz she's a really sweet girl! You can go to Tatum's bloggy to find out about donating.

It is really a hard thing for rescues and shelters when they are caring for doggies (and kitties, and all kinds of other animals!) who need medical attention. The Girl has volunteered at our local SPCA for years, and she has seen so many wonderful animals come in who would make the BEST addition to a family (good temperament, sweet and happy disposition). The only problem is that they have some medical need.

The BCSPCA decided to do something just for these animals. They created the Biscuit Fund, the sole purpose of which is to provide emergency medical treatment for homeless and wild animals. I've posted about the Biscuit Fund before here, and my own story is here. Yes, it was the Biscuit Fund that provided the funds for my operation! I even have a button somewhere on my sidebar, BOL.

Not evfurry rescue and shelter organization is lucky enough to have a Biscuit Fund set aside that is specifically for medical care. So they have to raise the money on a case by case basis. I know that this is a hard time of year, especially THIS year, but if you are able to give anything, evfurry dollar counts. Maybe you have to buy a pressie for somebody who loves doggies, and you can make a donation in their name!

The Girl and I have no money to donate (darn disability!), but we're helping Eduardo and Tatum to get the word out. You can help that way too, if you want to mention these two wonderful doggies on your bloggy.

Thank you, my furends, for reading about Daisy and Sasha. I know you all care about them, cuz I know you! Pass the word around the bloggy-world, you never know who will be able to help!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Update on Bruno


The tumor was benign and cleanly removed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


snowy sick day

Wroooo! I get to post again today! I am a PAWSOME nursemaid!

Yesterday, The Girl got her FURST holiday card! I have received so many that I can't even count how many, and she just got ONE! Wrooooo! Over the holidays, we're going to visit and thank everydoggy and kitty that sent us a card by snail mail or email. So if you haven't heard from us, THANK WROO for now, we're coming to visit over Christmas!

There was something else that I wanted to remember to mention in my next post, but The Girl said, Oh, don't worry, I'll remember that. I wanted her to make a list, to write it down. But nooooooooo, she'd remember. Guess how successful that's been?!

Check out my new header picture. Well, it's been up there for a few days now. I've got my Elvis lip happening. The Girl is always trying to capture the various ways I hold my lip; so far, this is about it. We all know how good she is at taking pictures, wrooooo!

Speaking of The Girl's picture-taking skills, we went outside today to get the mail, and I was soooooooo excited to be out there! The Girl came back in, got all bundled up, grabbed the camera, and we went back outside! It is -19 degrees Celsius, which is about -2 degrees Fahrenheit. That's cold for here.

Anyway, The Girl couldn't find her fingerless gloves, so she wore normal ones. That's what she's blaming the picture quality on today.

I decided that I could sit for a while. The Girl thinks I'm crazy. Ha ha ha! Pot, this is kettle! BOL!

Another FAIL at catching me running! Woooo hooooooooooo!

Sitting again for a minute.

If The Girl had taken this picture a few seconds earlier, you would have seen me LYING DOWN in the snow! I was just on my way up when the shutter snapped.

More evidence of The Girl's future as a photographer, BOL!

Okay, I'm cold now. Are you coming to let me in???

Wrooooo, those were some fun pictures!

The Girl wants to thank evfurrybody for their good wishes that she feels better soon. We were only outside for a few minutes, and since we came back in, she's been hacking and hacking away. Whatever, Girlie. You were hacking before we ever went outside! And Nanny says that fresh air makes us healthy!

We are very behind in our awards, and I am very sorry for this. So is The Girl, even though she could help me post about it right now, but she says she needs to get some hot lemon to drink. Hmmmppphhhh. We can all see where your priorities are, Girlie.

Hope evfurrybody is having a good week, and especially that those who are in the eastern areas where there's been no power, no water, etc. - we hope that things are back to normal RIGHT NOW. (Did that work??? Hope so.)

Next post, I am going to talk about a doggy that Eduardo posted about. In the meantime, head over to his bloggy to find out more. Basically, he posted about Daisy, who is a doggy who was injured and wasn't taken proper care of. That's just like me! That's why I had to lose my left front leggy; I got hurt and no one got me medical attention. Daisy needs some operations, and she needs some help. I'll post a real post about Daisy next time.

The Girl is rapidly starting to not make sense, so havea good day, my furends!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Wroo. This is how exciting my life is right now. The Girl says, how can I have the flu when I got the flu shot? I don't really have an answer for her, I don't know what she expects me to say! I'm staying close and giving her lots of cuddles, just like I always do when she's sick.

It's also boring because even though we've got all this pawsome snow, it's way too cold to be outside for furry long. It is -17 Celsius, which The Girl figured out is 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. It's way too cold for a short haired doggy like me. If I had fur like a Sibe or a Mal, then I could be out there all day long!

Thank you to evfurryone who went to River's bloggy and to the Canine Mafiosos bloggy to leave good thoughts. I know that they both are furry thankful to know that so many furries and peoples are thinking about them.

The Mafioso's Mom made a really good point, too. Bruno had a lump on his leggy, and his Dad found it while wrestling with him. Tell your peoples to make sure that they run their hands all over you evfurry day, just to make sure that you're okay. The Girl also examines my feets, looks at my toofers, checks out my eyes and ears and belly area. It's a good idea, cuz then they can find bad things right away. Also, they know what "normal" is for us furries, and can notice if there is a change.

There's not much else to report. It's pretty boring at my house today. I sure hope you've got something more exciting happening! Wrooooooooo!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Sad wroooos today. We just read over at River's place that his packmate Sasha has gone to the Bridge. She had an inoperable tumor, and it was finally just too much for her little body. Her Mom was away, but Sasha held on to give her time to get back and spend a few days together. We are very sad for River's Mom, and River and the rest of the pack.

Be at peace, Sasha, and run free.

snow day!

Wrooooooooo! The bloggy is back under my control! Happy Fur-iday, evfurryone!

I am giddy, can you tell? It's because it's been snowing all morning! All three of us doggies went outside today, even couch potato Khavana! And The Girl took pictures to prove it!

I have to survey my dogdom!

Here's one for the album, Girlie! There was a snow flake on the lens, which is too bad. The Girl thinks it might have been a nice one for cropping.

There's Khavana, trying to sneak out of the frame. I think she thinks she has a rep to protect, or something!

This was going to be a better shot of Khav, but between The Girl pushing the little silver button and the picture taking, look who roared through the frame!

This bunch of straw-y stuff is up against one of our fences. I had to take a look into the neighbour's yard. Just part of the job, ma'am.

The Girl wanted us to run and let he take more pictures. But there was something out on the road somewhere, and we all had to go to the gate to bark. (The Girl just wants to note, nothing was there.)

The Girl loves pictures of trees and bushes that are newly frosted with snow. I wasn't cooperating about getting a good shot of me against them in the background! There were no treats, you know!

The Girl thinks this is such a good picture of my face! Of course it is, Girlie - I am the handsome one!

Losing patience with all the pictures...

The Girl wants you to check out all the snow on the bushes. It would be more impressive if she'd managed to get the shot she wanted, BOL!

We've all had enough and want in. See, even Lexi was out there, even though she stayed at the door for most of the time.

The Girl would like to send out big hugs and thanks to everyone who left comments on her blog post the other day. She says that she treasures each and every one of you, and your kind and loving words made her so happy!

In other news, our good furend Bruno from the Canine Mafioso was just in to the vet to have a tumour removed. They are waiting to find out whether it is benign, so if you could go over and leave some good thoughts for them, I know they'd appreciate it. I'm sending brown dog determination at the tumour, informing it that it MUST be benign.

Our photo essay dedicated to Pink Ducky seems to have been a success! We don't have a video camera, so that's as close as we can come (for now!) to posting a video. The Girl is investigating ways to get a video camera, so stay tuned!

OMDog, I am so excited about our upcoming interview with PetDoc! It's an email interview, and we got the questions this morning. Now I just have to get Girlie to answer them! We'll let you know when it will be posted.

Tomorrow, The Girl is co-hosting a Holiday Open House at the Kamloops SPCA. I have not been invited. Girlie says that maybe Santa Paws will bring me a belly band, and then maybe I can go with her to things like this. Then on Sunday, our dog training group is having a holiday party, too! I don't think I get to go to that one, either. I'm getting a lot better, but I'm still sometimes quite reactive to other doggies. The Girl says that maybe we'll ask the Roomie to come with us, and I can stay for a little while. Then the Roomie can just bring me home before I get too over-stimulated. The party is at the training centre not far from our house, so The Girl might even just run me home herself.

I hope all my furends have an EXCELLENT weekend, full of snow or not! (I know some of you are not snow dogs, Joe! But I know some doggies like the Thundering Herd will be furry disappointed if there's not a bunch of white stuff on the ground and falling from the sky!)

And finally, The Girl and I would like to say something to the troll that left mean comments on the most beautiful post on the blog belonging to Sunny and Scooter and Jamie (the Texas Sundogs): If you are reading our bloggy, read this. Your comments were inappropriate and uncalled for. You may not agree with the post or it's sentiments, but that's no reason to be a troll. We get back what we give out, and karma bites hard. We don't know if you follow our bloggy, but we don't need traffic like that. We encourage you to apologize to our furends.

Happy Fur-iday, evfurryone!