Friday, September 5, 2008

Pictures from the pre-op days

Well, hello, everypup! The Girl is feeling really guilty for not posting much lately (although she can't really remember when she last posted here). So I told her to just sit back and I'd take care of it.

When I was at the SPCA, I got adopted by a family who eventually had to bring me back. They had taken me to the vet and discovered that I needed an operation on my front leggy, but they couldn't afford it (it was really expensive). So they had to bring me back to the shelter, and they were very sad.

Lucky for me, not long before that, the BCSPCA had started a new program, called The Biscuit Fund. The purpose of the fund is to pay for emergency (and often non-emergency) veterinary care for the animals who come into the care of the BCSPCA. Jennifer at the Kamloops SPCA thought I was a perfect candidate. So she took a bunch of pictures of me so that she could make up a poster asking for donations to the Biscuit Fund. And I got to have my operation!

Anyway, these are some of the pictures that Jennifer took of me. The Girl looks at these and always says how funny I look, because she says I look so different with four legs instead of three!

I call this one my Noble Dog photo. Notice the torture device (The Girl: Dannan, it's just a bandana!) around my neck.

Here I am, running with joy. I have always LOVED running!

And this is The Girl's favourite pre-op photo of me:

Don't I look fantastic??

Shelter dogs -- the original "designer dogs"! Make the SPCA your first adoption option!


Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

You look just beautiful! No wonder the girl picked you!

The Girl said...

I knew I had her with the whole wagging-my-tail-so-hard-I-couldn't-sit trick!

Rinalia said...

Celeste here!!! Miss Dannan, you look very awesome and cool. I wish I could run around and look neat like you. Usually I run into things and my sister, Mina, laughs at me! Meanie.

Glad you ended up with the girl, for serious!

Anonymous said...

Operashuns are not fun I have had several and you know the worst part is when Mummy leaves you at the vet all day!! I likes the vet but I dont like being there without Mummy. Anyways yer pitchers are real nice and you sure look happy!

The Girl said...

Celeste, we love your blog! And you know, you'll grow out of the running-into-things stuff. And thanks for the compliments, I'm blushing over here!

Dozer, I am so scared at the vet. Even when The Girl is with me. I'm sorry you've had lots of operations! I've only had one... well, two, if you count the time I lost my boy parts!

Tony said...

You do look fantastic, this is my 2nd visit to your blog & I hadn't noticed your Tripodness before. Hope you're not emotionally troubled now that I've used the T word.

Tony said...

ps I like Doggy Blogs the best, have added you to my Blog List

Joe Stains said...

what wonderful photos! I bet those first folks were so sad to have to take you back!

The Girl said...

Tony, thanks for coming back, and for adding us to your bloggy list! And do you know, I don't even think I'm any different from any of the other doggies... But The Girl always says, Tripods Rule!

Joe, our favourite BT! I think the people who had to bring me back to the SPCA were really, really sad. It's awful that something like money for operations gets in the way. but then again, if they hadn't taken me back, I wouldn't have The Girl!!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello dannan its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo luk verry nice in yore bandana i hav wun too i wore it during my cover shoot for riches magazine all the stylish dogs ware them so dont wurry about it its not a torcher device its just wot they call fashun ok bye