Saturday, September 6, 2008


Wrrooooo, wrrooooo, everypuppy, it's Dannan again!

Today, I'm going to post about a guest doggy. His name is Troll, and he stayed with my Nanny and Papa in 2006. Troll's person, Bob, was my Papa's good friend, and he had to go to the hospital for a long time. Papa took him home, and they looked after him. (Bob didn't make it home, but his daughter from Nanaimo ended up taking Troll to Nanaimo to live with her pack.)

Troll and I did not get along. I didn't get to visit Nanny and Papa the whole time he stayed there, because The Girl said I was too rude and had tried to eat Troll. I told her, but he's at MY Nanny and Papa's house! That's MY home (well, my second home). But she said, no more visits with Troll. Hmmmph.

Anyway, The Girl said Troll was pretty cute, and he wa a doggy in a rough spot, what with Bob being sick and all. So she wanted to post about him. *I* would have preferred to post about myself, but she said she'd give me a marrow bone if I posted about Troll. So here he is.

Even Troll liked to be upside down!

It was a tough time for Troll; he liked to be under the table to feel safe.

So, that's Troll. Tomorrow, it will be all about ME, ME, ME!!!

(Going to have my marrow bone, now!)

Shelter dogs -- the original "designer dogs"! Make the SPCA your first adoption option!


Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

Troll's cute, but not as cute as you! I think you made the exact right choice trading out today's post for marrow bone! Yummers!
That was really nice for the humans to take care of him.

BenTheRotti said...

aawww poor little Troll, I'm so pleased to hear he found a new home... and in Nanaimo of all places! Lucky Dog! Mum and Dad got married in Campbell River and they visited Nanaimo a lot! They have told me all about it and it sounds like a wonderful place. They never got to Kamloops, maybe next time!
I don't get to my gram & gramps as often as i like because their neighbours cat thinks it owns their house. It is smaller than my head but it's a feisty little critter and so if it is hanging out at their house I keep out of the way!
Enjoy your marrow bone!


Ben xxx

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we have to be nice to other little firndes. I live with 2 little friends, they were here first so I HAD to be nice!! We are glad Troll has a nice home now.

Tony said...

Troll sure is cute. We don't have a dog at the moment, or little poodle passed away a couple of months ago, we get a new puppy at te end of the month. See my post "Introducing Dixie"

Mango said...

Troll is getting off to a good start. You were good to take care of him.


P.S. Come and visit me. I have an award for you.

Joe Stains said...

Troll is pretty cute!! The humans did a good job taking care of him!!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Perhaps Troll thought the table was a bridge, and was waiting for some billy goats to wander by?