Monday, November 21, 2011

Shh...don't let The Girl know I'm here!

Wroo, my furends!  Sorry it's been so long since That Mean Girl let me on the computer.  It's a wonder that I remember how to type!  She's not here right now, having left me alone again, and she left the laptop where I could reach it.

I don't get to post to my bloggy anymore, but The Girl let me onto Facebook.  So if you'd like to know how I'm doing, go to Facebook and search for me, Dannan Littlebrowndog.  I've had a profile for quite a while now, but Girlie doesn't let me post all that much.  (Surprise, surprise!)  But lately she's been letting me, so I get to grump about her there.  Maybe I can convince her to let me write here sometimes, too - but I figure that Facebook is the first step.  Come and "friend" me, furends!  You can follow my adventures there ... if I ever get to have any ever again, that is!