Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday pictures

It's that time of year again, and I have been living in dread that The Girl would once again make me pose for a Holiday Picture.  In past years, this has often include something humiliating she wanted me to wear. 

For example,

Can you imagine?!

And there was the year where she thought I'd make a cute reindeer:

Girlie, dogs are NOT reindeer!  Can't you just see the terror in my eyes!  That Girl ought to be ashamed, putting me in a situation where I looked like this!  (Note from The Girl:  Yikes, it is alarming to see this picture - I agree, this was NOT nice to my Little Brown Dog!)

Then, another year, she decided that instead of making me pose wearing ridiculous human accessories, she would buy some Christmas-y fabrics and pose me on them instead.  At least I escaped the indignity of antlers and Santa bibs.  And I guess it's something that she's aware of how unsuccessful this experiment was;  she has these pictures in a folder called "Failed Xmas Pics".

You should also know that those pictures were part of a series she called "Xmas Torture"!  I just know all my furends are outraged!  (Blogger is giving Girlie a hard time with the formatting of the pictures and the words, so we're sorry if this post looks a bit strange...)

This year, That Girl said that she had decided not to torment me by forcing me to do undignified things.  (I think it's more a question of how lazy she is, but whatever.)  She found a website called Imikimi, and she used a picture from this past summer to make a few Holiday Pictures.  This is a much more respectful way of doing things, I'm sure you'll agree.

I sure hope that all my furends, whether doggies or kitties or peoples, get to be with the ones they love in the next week or two.  (Even though I complain about her a lot, I really do love My Girlie, you know.)  Happy Howlidays, evfurryone, and Happy WROO year!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I want a cat.  PLEASE bring me a cat!  Just a little one...  I have been a good boy this year, just ask my Girlie and my Nanny and my Papa.  I would really like a cat of my own, one that I can chase and play with and WROO at.  Last year, Nanny told me that she would get me a blind, old, toothless cat, but I've been waiting and waiting, and so far, no cat.  I think she forgot.  So please help her out, Santa, and bring me one this Christmas.  Any cat will do, especially if it's the fluffy black one that I watch out the window every day.

Oh, and maybe you could bring Girlie something to help her get better, so she can do more stuff with me and help me do my bloggy again, and visit all my bloggy furends.  That would be good, too.  But a cat would be better, so if you can only bring me one present, I'd rather have a cat.

Thank wroo, Santa!
Dannan, The Little Brown Dog