Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sad Saturday - Run free and happy, Charlie

Sad wroos, furends. We have had to say goodbye to another good furend, Charlie. It is hard to say goodbye to any of our furends, but Charlie was a furry special doggy. He was a founding doggy of Dogs with Blogs, which is the website that brought so many of us doggies around the world together in furendship. And Charlie also was a robodoggy, with a pacemaker that kept his heart working right up until the end.

Our hearts are very heavy today, even though we know that Charlie had the best life a doggy could possibly have, and now he is running free at the Rainbow Bridge and frolicking with his girlfurend, Freda. Girlie is crying, and I am howling to heaven - we are sending our love around the world to Charlie's family, Greg, Brooke and Opy.

If you are a member of Dogs with Blogs (and even if you aren't), please drop by Charlie's bloggy to let Charlie's family know that there is a world full of people, doggies, kitties and other furries that are in mourning for Charlie. Chances are that without Dogs with Blogs, which was created by Charlie and his family, we wouldn't have the wonderful critter bloggies that exist today. And we certainly wouldn't have the loving community that we are part of.

Charlie, we know that when our time comes, you will greet us at the Rainbow Bridge with a wagging tail and loving heart. We will never furget you, Big Dog.