Tuesday, September 22, 2009



Help me, my furends!  (Assuming I have any furends left!  After all, it has been eleventy-seven YEARS since That Mean Girl let me post on my bloggy!)

I need somepuppy to call the SPCA, or the police, or 911, or something.  I need to be rescued!  That Mean Girl is neglecting me terribly.  I'm sure that keeping me away from my bloggy and all my furends is a crime, and they would help me.

I know that all of you have been wondering about us, whether we're okay, or even still alive!  Well, we are alive, but obviously all is not well at my house.  That Mean Girl is doing all kinds of other things, and she has some pretty messed up priorities, that much is obvious!

I am doing pretty well other than never being allowed on my own bloggy.  We had some bad thunder for a few weeks, and I was worried about that.  But I'm doing better, especially since it's been a while since we had those awful storms.  Cross your paws that we don't have many more!

I am settling in well at my Nanny and my Papa's house, which seems to be where we'll be living for a while.  All of our stuff is here, so I guess we're staying.  I don't mind, really.  The wind is kind of scary sometimes here, more than at The Roomie's house.  But my Nanny and my Papa have a nice big backyard, and my Nanny puts out a birdie feeder so they come around.  Then I can chase them, which is one of my fave-fur-ite things to do!

My Nanny and my Papa also like to share their foodables with me.  This drives That Mean Girl crazy, because she says that I have to "stay lean, because he only has one front leggie".   I think she is just jealous, because my Nanny and my Papa don't give her foodables.  My Papa always gives me half of his apple.  And lots of other things that That Mean Girl doesn't know about, so I won't write about them here.

They also let me bark more than That Mean Girl does.  Wroo!

I also really wuff to roll on my Papa's bed!  If he doesn't close his bedroom door all the way, I sneak in there and roll.  It is really pawsome!

I don't have much time, since I had to sneak on here when That Mean Girl wasn't paying attention.  It is furry hard to type with my nose, because all the keys on the laptop thingy are so close together.  But I seem to have figured it out okay, so I'll try to sneak on to my bloggy more often.

I guess I better say something about how That Mean Girl is doing.  She has been going to the People V-E-T a lot lately, and she takes a lot of different pills.  (She doesn't even take them with peanut butter, or CheezeWhiz!  She has no idea, really.  It is quite sad.)  She says they are "trying to find a meds combination that works".  I’m sure it would work better if she took them with CheezeWhiz.

She is also doing lots of cheating on me with other doggies.  Evfurry Monday night, she goes away and comes back hours later smelling of puppies.  Can you imagine???  She says she is teaching the puppies’ people how to train them.  A likely story.

She also is doing something with the SPCA shelter doggies and the magic clicky box.  I don’t know why she feels the need to go there to use the magic clicky box, since I’m always ready, willing, and able to let her click it at me and give me treats.  I really don’t understand her.

She spends a LOT of time on this laptop thingy.  She says she is “learning”.  Another likely story.

Anyway, enough about That Mean Girl.  And I think I hear her coming back, so I’d better go lie on the chair Upside Down so she doesn’t suspect anything.

I miss all of you, my furends.  Here’s hoping you’re all still out there somewhere!  And hoping that That Mean Girl gets off the laptop thingy evfurry once in a while, so I can sneak on here and post!