Thursday, September 25, 2008

Post - Bailey

Hi, everypuppy, it's me, Dannan.

There are no pictures for the blog today. And The Girl is totally behind on reading blogs, so bear with her.

The reason there are no pictures for the blog is named BAILEY. You know, the little blonde cocker spaniel from yesterday's post? Well, let me tell you all about how that went.

The Girl's sister J told her that Bailey doesn't get along with most dogs. So The Girl arranged for us to meet on neutral territory down the street from Nanny and Papa's house. She said that at least then I wouldn't have any territorial issues, whatever she means by that.

The Girl and I approached J and Bailey, leashes all 'round. Bailey, who looks sweet and cute and everything, turned into a pulling, roaring, monster-dog! I had been quite good to that point, interested and pulling to meet her. When I heard her growls, I said, "Game on!" and launched myself to the end of my leash.

The Girl moved me away, and I calmed down. Especially since I got turkey jerky. So now, to me, being near Bailey is actually pretty good. I love turkey jerky!

We tried a few more approaches, and Bailey was having none of it. I pretty much ignored her, because what's the big deal anyway? Turkey jerky, my fur-ends, turkey jerky.

J and Bailey went off for a short walk while I went in and greeted everyone. Then, if you can even IMAGINE! I got kicked outside into the back yard, ALL DAY. At one point, people were going in and out the door, and Bailey snuck out. She again launched herself at me, and I'll always give as good as I get. Lots of noise and fury, she bit me, I bit her back, and then J and The Girl were pulling us apart. No blood, no skin broken. Bailey got dragged back into the house by J, and as far as I'm concerned, I won that fight!
(The Girl: You should have seen him grinning.)

Anyway, I got left outside, which normally I don't mind, but today I just knew SHE was in there with all my people. We left right after dinner, which Nanny served early so I didn't have to be by myself quite as long. And both Nanny and The Girl came out and visited with me. J came out, too, to help clean my ears. I was a Very Good Dog and amazed the heck out of J. She said that Bailey would never stand still and let her even pick up her spaniel ear without freaking out. Well, I can totally believe that!

So I will get left at home for the duration of their visit. But you know, I did get a marrow bone in the yard to chew on, and I got to visit with my Papa in the basement. (The Girl tried to baby gate me in the downstairs rec room, but I totally blew through that plastic thing! But The Girl had another baby gate at the top of the stairs! Apparently she somehow foresaw that I would go all freight train at the first gate. That's when I got kicked back outside again.

Ahem. The Girl here again. Before you feel too badly for Dannan, you should know this: he ended up with TWO marrow bones, half a dozen squares of turkey jerky, more visits and belly rubs than he would have normally got (and he would have chosen to stay outside all afternoon anyway, which is what he always does!). AND he got to have a fight (which he is never allowed to do), AND he got to win! He didn't have that bad a day, all said.

But he's right; he'll stay home for the next few days while they are here. I'm pretty proud of him, though. He would have been friendly with her if she would have allowed it. He indeed was a Very Good Dog today!

(I'll be by everyone's blogs hopefully over the weekend. I'm addicted! I can't stand days that go by when I don't read what everybody is up to!)


Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello dannan its dennis the vizsla dog hay that sownds like kwite the battel royall i am glad yoo wun!!!! ok bye

Mango said...

Dannan, you poor dude. My doggie nephew is a black cocker spaniel and he is mean mean mean! He attacks the Mango Man if you can imagine that. Now he is banned from the estate. Hope you get out of solitary confinement soon.

BenTheRotti said...

Awww Poor you Dannan,

My Dad had one of those doggys and he wasn't very "other dog" friendly either.. it's Baileys loss you would be an awesome pal to him!

Ben xxx

Anonymous said...

wow that sounds like a good warm up for when the ninja hedgehogs attack!

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

haydannonhaydannon, i doan haf much time,cuz mom is fixin to poop owt on me. cum reed my post and pik u owt the ward u want! k? we want u to haf won an its splained ofer ther,(im reely quite a guy wif new ideaz!!) gotta go an we'llcatchup tu u next day or 2.
Hi 5s
Scooter i mite be a jenius,we doan no

The Zoo Crew said...

Poor Dannan.....we feel sorry for you over here. My mama gets scared when I get in a fight!!


Rinalia said...

Miss Mina here, Dannan you did good! Sometimes getting into a scrap every five years and winning is a boost to your self-esteem. I would not know, because I have what my minion calls through the roof self-esteem. Whatever.

Anyway, next time be sure to give a lot of woe is me faces so that you'll get TEN marrow bones and five hundred turkey jerky treats. I mean, that's only fair.

-Miss Mina

Anonymous said...

Dear Dannan hey dont worry I totally understand. I dont like to fight at all but sumtimes you gotta stand up and say whats what before sum stoopid strange dawg takes all yer toys and treats and thangs. Or in yer case before the other dawg starts thinking he is top dawg which we all knows is crazy thinking.

Chris and Mackenzie said...

I was on your side until I learned you won the fight AND received jerky treats! You did well my did well.


Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

yoooohoooooo-Dannon. Where are ya bud?????