Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Girl came back...

(Note from The Girl: Grrrrr. We wrote this post yesterday, and thought that it had published! Just now, I found out that it didn't. Sorry, PuppyBoy!)

Wroooooooo!!!! The Girl came home! She picked me up at Nanny and Papa's house on Thursday night. When she let herself in, I woofed at her, like she was some stranger, BOL! Then I roared around the corner and just about wagged my tail off, I was so happy!

The Girl didn't stay long, because the Roomie was waiting in the car. Once we got home, I remembered that I was MAD at her because she had ABANDONED me. I ignored her the rest of the evening, and then stayed in my doggie bed ALL NIGHT (instead of joining her in the Big Bed for the second half of the night). I wouldn't tell her ANYTHING about my stay with Nanny and Papa.

There are no pictures, either, because The Girl took the camera with her to Vancouver. Don't you think that she would rather have pictures of what I was doing while I was ABANDONED rather than pictures of Great Big Sea? (That's her favourite band, by the way.)

So, since there are no pictures of my actual visit, here are some from previous ones:

Even though I'm staying mum about what I did, The Girl knows that at some point, I went Upside Down. Nanny is a very good belly scratcher.

I also like to lie like this on their couch. It's got this great bumpy thing with the cushions, and it makes a great chin rest.

This is the backyard at Nanny and Papa's house. They put the fence up just for me, you know.

And, at some point, I probably went Upside Down again. That couch is the best!

So I'm not telling what happened, but Nanny had to tell her something. I've never been ABANDONED anywhere but at home with the Roomie before. So I was a little sad when she left.

(The Girl here. No doubt the treat fest started the minute I was out the door. Nanny gives him really tasty treats.)

I didn't want to sleep in my doggie bed, even though The Girl had brought it over with me. I wanted to sleep with Nanny, but she said I am too noisy. I don't know what she's talking about. I just wanted to sleep!

(The Girl again. Dannan truly is the noisiest sleeping dog I have ever encountered. He moans and groans. And groans and moans. Then when he's dreaming, he puffs his cheeks in and out and in and out. Then he barks, kind of a muffled bark because he keeps his mouth closed and it kind of comes from his throat. Sometimes, he growls. I always wonder what he dreams about. Anyway, the point is, he's noisy. My Mom is a very light sleeper, so she didn't want him waking her up all night just as she got to sleep. And then, of course, halfway through the night he'd decide he was cold and jump up on her bed to cuddle up and get warm.)

So Nanny said that I could sleep wherever I wanted, even on the couch! (At home, I get locked in the bedroom with The Girl. She says it's so the cats can have some peace.) I stayed up with my Papa while he watched late night t.v. When he was ready for bed, he didn't want to turn the light off in case it woke me up, so he left it on.

Nanny got up not long after that and thought that I was cold. So she wrapped me up in a fleece blankie, and I just cuddled down on the couch. I never, ever let The Girl put covers on me! But I let my Nanny!

The next day, I got to chase a CAT in Nanny's backyard! She says that if I catch a cat in her backyard, I can keep it! I spent most of the day out patrolling her backyard and surveying it from her back step. By the way, Girlie, why don't you put out a pile of blankets for me in our backyard? That was really nice at Nanny's.

The only treat that I got while I was there was a bit of Papa's apple. I was a Very Good Dawg and waited to be told "okay" before I took my piece from his fingers. (The Girl here, we've been working on not being grabby. And I'm sure that was FAR from his ONLY treat! That's just the only treat that my Mom confessed to giving him!)

Anywroo, I guess if I have to be ABANDONED, and I can't stay at my own house, Nanny and Papa's house isn't such a bad place. IF, that is, I have to be ABANDONED, which is something that should never happen again.

The Girl even went to Petsmart while she was in Vancouver, and she saw something that she thinks is maybe what Daisy is talking about when she tells us about her favourite chicken strips. But did she bring me any? NOOOOOOOOOO! All she bought were clickers. She says she likes to have extra ones. Meanie.

(Once again, The Girl here. He also got this really cool laser light thingy that clips onto his collar, so he can chase the laser light until he goes silly from it, but he doesn't have it yet.)

I wuff my Nanny and my Papa, but I really don't like to be anywhere without The Girl. She says that I'm spoiled. But I say, well who's fault is that, then? And she sighs, because she knows I'm right.

Moral of the story: If you have to be ABANDONED like I was, make sure you go someplace where you won't be spoiled a bit! Wrooooooooo!!!

(Final note from The Girl: Although my Mom didn't confess to giving him a bunch of treats, I know that she and my Dad give him a ton of them right in front of me. So I'm pretty sure he ate his weight in people food while I was gone. And it sounds like he had a pretty good time, for an abandoned dog!)


Big Hair Envy said...

There's nothing better than Nanny & Papa's!!!! At least SOMEONE loves you Dannan!!! Bwahahahaha!

P.S. My dog is also a noisy sleeper. He's gotten old, and he runs faster in his dreams:)

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello dannan its dennis the vizsla dog hay if yoo hav to be abandund yoo may as wel be abandund in stile!!! ok bye

Stella said...

Hi Dannan, I've missed you! I get lonesome for you when I don't see your name anywhere. Now Dannan, you don't think that you are piling it on a little thick do you? About being ABANDONED? Maybe you'll want to go to Camp next summer or something and you won't want the Girl to say you Abandoned her, would you? Just sayin' you know. Glad you are home!


The Thundering Herd said...

Hey - what happens at Nanny's stays at Nanny's! Besides, people with a couch with the perfect head pillow, a fence just for you, and lots of cookies will keep your secrets

Bobby said...

You were never realy Abandoned, I know the girl loves you too much, it sounds like you could not have gone to a better place than your Nannys & Papa's

Anonymous said...

For an ABANDONED dog, you're pretty cute! I am glad you sniffed out my blog and sure do home you come back often!


Anonymous said...

I with you Dannan its still abanduned no matter how menny treats you get! Oh the horror!! Although I does not think you prevented fewchure abandunment by being Very Good and going Upsides Down and all that. If you does not want to be abanduned take it from me and be Very Bad and it will never happen again ha ha ha!

Oh Mummy is frowning at me gotta go bye!

Yer pal Dozer

Homer said...

Hi Dannan,

Just pop by to say thank you for your Christmas Card!


Biggie-Z said...

Wow, being ABANDONED sounds like a lot of fun! Are you sure you don't want to do it again? I wish my Momma would ABANDON me more!

Lady Kaos said...

Sounds like you had fun even though you were abandoned. I let Mom and Dad know I'm upset about being left by ignoring them after wagging my tail off when they walk in, too.

Shadow / Molly said...

Dannan, yoo has every right to be upset if yoo was abandoned. But chasin a kitteh is not sumfin we recommend.

Gus said...

well goodness...that was a terrible thing to do. I can surely sympathize with your abandonment...muzzer does it to us when she goes to be with Aunt Marie. Sheesh. Hoomans


K27Blogs said...

It sounds like you had a good time even though you were abandoned! I hope you got lots of treats from your girl when she came to get you!

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

Hey Dannan, we have missed you! Sounds like you DID have a pretty good time even though you were abandoned. BUT-play it for all it is worth.
Oh, and that is some cool couch with the head rest!!!
Take good care of yourself and your girl.
We love you!

Ice Pony Goddess said...

Aren't you cute!

Chris and Mackenzie said...

Dannan...I think the rest of the world lives upside down cause, like you, I like to spend my days belly-up!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Dannan!
Sounds like you had a pawesome time with Nanny and Papa!
I am thinking I am abandoned everyday while my mom goes to work. I stay with my grandparents and they spoil me a lot!
Have a good night
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh this is a catastrophe! You will never be abaondoned as long as you are my frind :) Oh BTW, mom is not letting me have chicken strips now cuz she says they spoil my appetite!

Joe Stains said...

Sounds like Nanny's house is a GREAT place!!! I'd love to come stay there some time, we'd have so much fun!!

I ignore the humans after they get back from trips too, you have to show them there are consequences to leaving us.