Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wow! Lookit all the cards!

Wroooooooooooo! It's me, Dannan! Guess what we found in the mailbox today... HOLIDAY CARDS!!! Four of them!!! (The Girl doesn't have any, yet!) The Girl took pictures after we opened them, but she's in a bit of a rush today, trying to get ready to ABANDON me.

She said we could do a quick post, just to let evfurrybody know that we have received cards in the snail mail, and a TON of e-cards! The Girl hasn't had time (she says) to look at them all, so on the weekend, we're going to do a massive Holiday Card post.

The snow is all gone. It was very sunny today, but the wind was really cold! We took some pictures outside this afternoon when The Girl came home, but she says she's too busy to deal with them right now. You know, because she's getting ready to ABANDON me.

I also wanted to CONGRATULATE the winner of Bolo's Nosevember Competition - my good furend Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle!! Eduardo, you are pawsome! And Bolo and his Mom did such a great job putting together a really fun contest, so thanks to them, too! We didn't do so well at recognizing our furends' noses, and we're really sorry about that! If you catch me staring hard at you, I'm trying to memorize your features better!

Well, The Girl says she needs to go pack. To ABANDON me. She's going to Vancouver tomorrow morning, and will be back Thursday night. And I have to go to my Nanny and Papa's house. (We didn't make it there this weekend, so I haven't even had a dry run.) The Girl has gone away before, but I've always stayed at home with my Roomie and my Min Pins and my cats and my bed and all my stuff. But the Roomie is going with her, so I can't stay home. (The Roomie's dad will come over to look after the Pins and the cats, but The Girl thinks I will be happier to be at Nanny and Papa's, where they will be with me the whole time.)

I sure hope Nanny and Papa give me lots of treats and belly rubs so that I don't feel so bad and sad and lonely. The Girl keeps a pretty close watch on Papa when we visit, because he always wants to give me LOTS of eatables. The Girl lets me have a taste of most of her eatables, but it's always a really tiny taste. Microscopic sometimes. For instance, if I get a taste of her carrot muffin, it's always just a tiny crumb. Like half the size of her pinky finger. Or even smaller! But Papa thinks that I should get half of the muffin. So The Girl keeps an eye on him. I'm supposed to stay very lean because of my missing leggy, so I'm not supposed to get lots of eatables other than my kibble. I'm hoping for a bonanza at their house, though. If she's doesn't want that to happen, then she shouldn't ABANDON me. I know you all agree with me.

About ten days ago, The Girl and I went for a walk, and we got lots of pictures. The Girl has a whole post planned with them (jeepers, Girlie, it's going to be spring before you actually do it!), but she said I could post two of them. So here I am, checking my pee mail...

And here's another picture of me in the leaves. Can you find me? BOL!

I don't imagine that I'll get a chance to post again until Fur-eye-day. So have a good couple of days, doggies and kitties, and I'll tell you then about my ABANDONMENT. (And massive amount of eatables, I hope!)


Asta said...

I loved youw pictoowes and can't believe youw giwl is so owganized..we don't have any cawds weady yet.
Youw ABADONMET doesn't sound too bad given youw gwampa and his genewosity..I don't suppose you'll get fat fwom a few days of ovew tweating..hope you have a gweat time
smoochi ekisses

Ruby said...

Hi Dannan
Have a good time at Nanny & Papa's house. I hope get lots of good eatable. Just stay away from the kibble and you should be ok. Mom has to watch my wieght too because of my long back. I saw a dachund where I do my Therapy Dog job and he was so fat that he looked like a turtle. Poor thing could hardly walk and he snapped at me too.
See you soon.
Love Ruby

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dannan!
I am sure Nanny and Papa will make you feel at home. I hope you get lots of eatables and belly rubs too!
Kisses and hugs

Stella said...

You could just get on the bus and come and see me! We could do zoomies, and have lots of fun together.

Kisses and have fun at your Nanny and Papa's!


The Thundering Herd said...

Awesome job hiding in those leaves. We had to search for you!

Mango said...

You will have fun with Grandma and Grandpa. They will spoil you. Just make sad face. You can do it!


Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello dannan its dennis the vizsla dog hay this abandunmint thing is an owtrayj!!! i hope yoo mayk the girl feel verry verry gilty wen she gits back!!! ok bye

George the Pup said...

I love going to visit - hopefully it won't be really all that bad at Nanny & Papa's!

I really have to get Mommy on the cards - she is woefully behind!

Shadow / Molly said...

Oh Dannan yoo is cute in da leaves!

K27Blogs said...

I can't wait to see all the pawsome holiday cards! I joined DWB too late to do the holiday card exchange but I can't wait til next year!

Anonymous said...

Oh noes! Abandoned!!! Mummy did that once at a place called a dawg day care. Well I showed her. I wuz naughty naughty. When she camed to get me they tolled her I couldnt come back. :D That wuz the last time she ever abandoned me yep.

But it prolly wont be so bad if you is gonna be with Nanny and Papa. At least they is not strangers.

Yer pal Dozer

Bobby said...

I think it sounds good for you at your Nanny and Papa's. They will feel sorry for you and give you lots of treats so you will feel at home.

The Zoo Crew said...

You're lucky that you get to go to your g-parent's house! Our g-parents don't tolerate us too well ;)

Joe Stains said...

We are going to miss you! I am sure your Nanny and Pappy will give you TONS of treats to make up for you being abandoned.!