Monday, December 15, 2008

Wroo. This is how exciting my life is right now. The Girl says, how can I have the flu when I got the flu shot? I don't really have an answer for her, I don't know what she expects me to say! I'm staying close and giving her lots of cuddles, just like I always do when she's sick.

It's also boring because even though we've got all this pawsome snow, it's way too cold to be outside for furry long. It is -17 Celsius, which The Girl figured out is 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. It's way too cold for a short haired doggy like me. If I had fur like a Sibe or a Mal, then I could be out there all day long!

Thank you to evfurryone who went to River's bloggy and to the Canine Mafiosos bloggy to leave good thoughts. I know that they both are furry thankful to know that so many furries and peoples are thinking about them.

The Mafioso's Mom made a really good point, too. Bruno had a lump on his leggy, and his Dad found it while wrestling with him. Tell your peoples to make sure that they run their hands all over you evfurry day, just to make sure that you're okay. The Girl also examines my feets, looks at my toofers, checks out my eyes and ears and belly area. It's a good idea, cuz then they can find bad things right away. Also, they know what "normal" is for us furries, and can notice if there is a change.

There's not much else to report. It's pretty boring at my house today. I sure hope you've got something more exciting happening! Wrooooooooo!!!!


Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

You look really comfy Dannan. Sorry the girl is feeling yucky. We are sure you will make her feel much better soon with your care.
We just noticed that on the header picture, which is very cute, your lip looks kinda like it is stuck on your teeth! Sort of an Elvis kinda lip action. BOL

Stella said...

Hi Dannan!

Tell the Girl we want her to get well soon, how you best do this is take Vitamin See thingies and eat lots of ice creams (I perfer chocolate but any favorite flavor will make you better, I am sure.)

I think your header picture is great, you look furry handsome and the background is very pretty too.

This afternoon, I am just busy trying to keep warm, it is 15 below zero F. and 26 below C. Brrr!


Ruby said...

Hi Dannan
I'm sorry the Girl has the flu. How awful. Mommy hates the flu.
It is really cold here too Dannan.
-35 with the wind. Brrr. We also got another huge dump of snow 12+ inches. Mom & I are hibernating.
Stay warm. Give the Girlie lots of hugs & one from us.
Love Ruby

Anonymous said...

Hi Dannan, you are being a great nurse doggie. My Mom got really sick when she got the flu shot so she gave up and doesn't get it anymore! Lots of rest and snuggles and hopefully she will be back to her normal fun self in a few days.


Raising Addie said...

We sure hope that your girl starts feeling well soon.

It doesn't get cold like that where I live. But I would love to see snow someday.

Give your girl lots of kisses from us ok.


Rinalia said...

1.4 F should be illegal. I'm glad you are stuck in a sofa where it is warm, otherwise you'd be stuck to a flag pole and be cold.

Hope The Girl feels better soon.

-Miss Mina

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dannan!
Everytime my mom gets the flu shot... she gets the flu! Funny!
I hope your Girl gets better soon!
What to do on a cold day? Stay inside warm and comfy!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Asta said...

I hope youw giwl gets well vewy soon!!! I'm suwe youw cuddling and staying close will help vewy much.
I'm sowwy you'we so cold..hewe it goes up and down..if you want , you can bowwow all my coatses to weaw to keep wawm..just tell me which one you want, and I'll send it to you.
that is excellent advice on examening us..thank you! I love youw headew pictoowe,.you awe supew handsome
smoochie kisses

Saint Lover said...

Oh goodness... not the flu! We have been battling it here too. It keeps making rounds and finally everyone is healthy here.

Still trying to catch up my blog reading from it too.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Never mind the flu -- how are we going to get you out of that carnivorous Couch of Death?!

Anonymous said...

Brrrr that makes me cold jest thinking bout that. Its cold here but not that cold! I dont like the cold. You must stay under them pillows and do not freeze Dannan!

That wuz good advise bout the lumps. I have lots o lumps and bumps and Mummy takes me to the vet every time she sees one. That is cause Old Lady Dawg disappeared sum time after she getted a lump and Mummy wuz very very sad. I guess Mummy doesnt want me to disappear too.

Yer pal Dozer

Bobby said...

I hope your girl gets well soon

Pearl said...

Dannan, it must be exhaustimicating to be a nursemaid! I get tired just... thinking... about it...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Lazy pug,

Chris and Mackenzie said...

Did the couch attack you? Bad couch! Bad couch!