Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chris and Mackenzie are STARS!

Oh my dogness, evfurrybody! So many of my furends are CELEBRITIES! It's such an honour to know you all!

The latest bit of press attention goes to Chris and Mackenzie, that fantastic duo behind Licked Toys Graveyard, Barkability and of course, Mackenzie Speaks!

Jonathan Baker from PetDoc has posted an interview that he did with Chris and Mackenzie! Right now, it's posted on the home page. Head on over and find out how Mackenzie came to be part of the family, the lessons that Chris has learned from Mackenzie, and a really fantastic Macku!

Wroooooooooo to Chris and Mackenzie! Can I have your pawtograph?

Pee Ess Thanks to you guys also for mentioning my bloggy! Jonathan asked me for an interview! I'm wagging so hard that I think I might sprain my tail! I'm just a small-town Canadian doggie, after all!


Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

YOU?!? A small town doggy???? I think not!! You are just the most handsome little brown dog around the ethernet! Why you are not on the cover of People magazine instead of that "guy-sexiest dude" or something is beyond me!! And more special because you are a tripod which is so cool.
We got your card!!!!! We loves it!
Thank you, thank you.
pee ess ok anok i am not gonna gush like that sunny duz.but u r a sooper cool dood!
hi 5's

Chris and Mackenzie said...

Woo-hoo! We're both fabulous and both famous! :)


Lorenza said...

I am going to see them right now!
Have a good night
Kisses and hugs

Bobby said...

I think you are a very special handsome and amazing to run around on only three legs. But dont wag your tail off John said it will help you balance

Pearl said...

Hi Dannan! OMG are you cute, or what?! I just wanted to tell you that I am pretty new to blogging and I found you! You are the coolest!

I know you and your girl are super busy and stuff... just come see me sometime if ya can! We could be bestest friends!

And CONGRATS on getting an interview and being famous and all! Maybe I should be asking for your pawtograph?

New friend Pearl

Joe Stains said...

omdog now YOU are going to be famous too!!!

Lady Kaos said...

You get an interview, too? Let us know when that happens!!!

Ruby said...

An interview. My goodness, now I'm going to know a famous dog. Tell the Girl to video you wagging your tail that hard. I want to see you shaking your tail feather.
See you soon
Love Ruby