Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Upside Down: A Meditation

Hi, everyone, the Girl here today. I want to add my thanks to Dannan's for the award! We never thought we'd get one, let alone when we're so new! What great encouragement to keep blogging, Boo Boo!

And I'm also tremendously excited that we're listed on Dogs With Blogs (DWB)! I've found such entertaining and heart-warming blogs there, it's an honour to be included!

So for today, a photo series of Dannan's favourite position. Especially if there is someone close by to rub his chest. Dannan has been known to offer up his belly to people within .5 nanoseconds of meeting them, if he thinks that there might be a rub in the offing!

Upside down at Nanny and Papa's.

Upside down on Nanny and Papa's couch.

Upside down at home.

I am so content to cuddle like this!

Upside down in his first doggy bed.

Upside down and nose plant: multi-tasking!

Are you coming over here to rub my belly, or what?

I guess not. Sigh.

Another upside down moment at Nanny and Papa's.

Shelter dogs -- the original "designer dogs"! Make the SPCA your first adoption option!


Sparky said...


You've got some pawesome positions there, my friend! I also love belly rubs, and have been knows to offer my belly to complete strangers the moment we meet, hee hee.

Oh, and thank you for letting me know that your human thinks me as cute! If she was near by, I'd let her rub my belly just for that!


Boo Boo said...

Thats a lot of INDECENT EXPOSURE !!!! hahhahahaha ... But then again, who cares? if you have it flaunt it right ?

by the way, I does that ALL THE TIME :)