Monday, August 18, 2008

Hijacking the blog again!

Ha-roo, everypup, it's me, Dannan!

The Girl's feeling all blue and mopey today, so I've taken over the blog!

I'm going to post some pictures of The Girl's first doggie, whose name was Shea. But also Misthill Shea's Destiny of York. I'm sure glad my name's just Dannan!

I never got a chance to know Shea, 'cause she went to the Rainbow Bridge in November of 2004, and I didn't find The Girl until the spring of 2005. But The Girl says she had just turned 14 and needed for them to let her go. I know it was a hard thing for them to do, but I know they loved her so much.

The Girl and Nanny tell me that Shea loved to smell flowers (and to eat them sometimes! but only white violas, not the purple ones!). Nanny misses Shea even more, I think, than The Girl, because Shea was a one-person doggie, and she chose Nanny as her special person. But Nanny loves me lots, too - and I'm a many-person doggie! If you'll rub my belly, you can be one of my people!

So Shea has been at the Rainbow Bridge, playing and running and getting to eat all the white violas she wants! It sounds like a good place to wait for our peoples, but I'm no where near ready to leave The Girl yet! (The Girl always says, "Knock on wood" and hits herself in the head whenever somebody says something like this. I don't know why she thinks that a whack on the head is called for, but I know she's gonna do it again when she reads what I wrote!)

Anyway, here are two of The Girl's favourite pictures of Shea in her older years. Check out that super duper double Sheltie coat!

Looks like Shea loved to pose for the camera. I wonder how many cookies she'd get? Do I get same number when I pose? Hmmmm, wonder how I find that out.... A-hem, back to the pictures!

Brown dog kisses,

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Asta said...

Hi Little bwown doggie Dannon
I'm glad you'we a many pewson means you can get lots and lots of wubses on youw belly. and tweats fwom lots of hoomans..Shea was a lovely doggie..and I'm suwe she is having a gweat time..I hope she met my angel sissy Nowa and Angel bwuvvew Nikki..
smoochie kisses