Friday, May 1, 2009

Long time...

Wroo, furends. I told The Girl that we had to post something, because some of our good furends are worried about us. So she finally is getting on with it, even though it's taken furever!

We are doing all right. Well, I am doing great, having lots of fun chasing birds and snoopervising the outside activities of Nanny and Papa. The Girl, she goes up and down. Her new med, which was so promising at furst, is not proving to be the answer, and her mood isn't really very stable. She's also been doing lots of things that I don't approve of, like taking part in a Poem A Day Challenge on her own bloggy in April, and taking some therapy course for her brain sickies. AND, she has started co-teaching a puppy class at our local training facility. I DEFINITELY don't approve of that! She stopped working at the SPCA, which she really needed a break from, and she replaced it with other doggies instead of taking that time for me! Can you believe it??? She is so selfish...

(She is telling me to be honest and tell you that I am getting lots more of my own training sessions. I like training time because it always means lots of good eatables and Girlie spending time with me. But she should be spending ALL of her time with me, not spreading it out among the other doggies of the city.)

Anyway, that's the news from us. The Girl says she hasn't known what to post here lately (and no wonder, she can't very well post on MY bloggie that she's doing all this stuff with OTHER doggies!), and she's just not been up to keeping up with all our furends on their bloggies. I hope you are all doing well -- maybe someday soon, that Bad Girlie will take me around so I can find out! Our love to all of you, and please don't worry about us. That Girlie will get her act together someday!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Now I know it will be a grrrreat day and weekend!

It is sooo nice to see both of woo here!

Please take khare of her fur us!


Tibby said...

Hi Dannan!
I just stopped by your bloggie a few days ago because I was missing you! Keep taking good care of your girl and I hope she is feeling MUCH better soon! Don't worry about visiting everyone! We all miss you but we understand!
:) Tibby

Charlie Daniels said...

Huh! Humans .. what more can I say! ;-)

I reckon you need to show the girl even more love than you already do .. if that is possible of course!



Stella said...

Hi Dannan, I wrote you a couple of weeks ago because I was worried about you both, but its good to hear that the Girl is getting out and doing things whether it meets your approval or not! Whooo, did I say that?

Love and hugs,


Lorenza said...

Hi, Dannan!
I am happy to know you are doing well!
Yes, I was worried for you and your Girl!
Enjoy your time with her!
Kisses and hugs

The Thundering Herd said...

Glad to hear from you D. Keep us posted on progress (and set backs) cause The Herd cares!

Sparky said...


Oh dear, I know how you feel with your human spending her time with other dogs! All her time should be devoted to YOU and YOU ONLY.

Now could you just tell my human to do the same with me?


Winterdark said...

Dannan! Girlie! We've missed you horribly! It can get tough to write every day, don't we all know that. Hope you can get on a more regular schedule, we miss you!

Nose Kisses!

Painter Pack said...

Oh Dannan and Girlie we missed woo!! Girlie, please take care of yourself! And Dannan, woo take care of Girlie too...and I'm sure woo both will be having some great adventures soon!!! We wuv woo both!!

Mya Boo Boo

Ms. ~K said...

Be patient and remember, she always loves you.
We're sending Hugs and Rubs to you and Girlie!!!
Zack, Sassy ans Buddy

Kess And Her Mama said...

We've missed you and are glad that you've resumed blogging. Yeah, it happens sometimes when the mind is blank and don't know what to blog but sometimes little things can give inspiration. Take care!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Ohhh brown buddy, it's lovely to hear from you again..... wrrroooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :D
We were worried about you too, infact we even asked Stella if she'd heard from you lately, that was yesterday....and here you are today, how weird is that? too though.
It's good that The Girlie is getting to mingle, v.important and sounds like you're having lots of fun too.
You take good care of each other, ok? And when you're ready to blog again we'll all be here to welcome you back, we miss ya :o)
Slobbers xx and another Wrrrooooo!

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

Weare so happy to hear from you. We sure understand and mom says to say she is here if the girl wants to talk via email.(Mom says sh admires your girl for getting out. She has been a hermit since gramma left for heaven) Dang brain sickies are so hard sometimes. (Pawsonally, mom thinks all humans have one brain sickie or another, just some worse than others..)
Sooo good to know you're ok little brown dog-you cutie you-and mom is praying for your girl to feel better and those docs to figure out what will help. We howl to heaven, so we will do that.
We love you and your girl!
Look for an email from me,k? Jamie

Rinalia said...

Glad to see you update! Hope the girl starts to feel better soon -you keep a close eye on her and give her lots of kisses.

Mango said...

Hey Dannan, thanks for checking in. I am officially sending your girl some giant Mango vibes because I think your little brown vibes could use a boost.

I like training too because it involves yummers for good doggies such as myself.

I am sure you are getting lots of love and smoochies. Not sure about that poetry stuff. But if your girl enjoys it, then you need to smile when she reads them to you.



Hi Dannon,

I'm so glad to know you and your girl are ok. We've missed you but we do understand. Don't worry about your DWB friends, we all love you and your girl.

I bet all the doggies she is helping love her too and we all need to share our love with everybody.

{{{huggies}}}....Mona & Mommy too!!

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Dannan
We're glad you guys are ok. Teaching a puppy class sounds like so much fun. Our mommy would love to play with cute pups. Take care of each other and enjoy the warm weather.
Love Ruby & Penny

Nicole said...

We've missed you, Dannan! Check out our blog when you get a chance. We left something for you and we also have a new addition that is a tripod just like you (I think you two are even missing the same leg). She is a recent tripod, so maybe you have some advice for her. Take care! :)

Lady Kaos said...

Glad to hear you two are okay. If she runs out of things again to post, tell her to just post some cute pictures of you.

Fred said...

We know how it goes! Good luck with your own training!

shameena said...

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Anonymous said...

missed you. And those poems your mum worte were very nice, we liked them lots! Hope your mum is up to snuff soon. That was a doggy pun :) Heres a ((hug)) fur her.