Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Polly needs our help!

This is Polly. She's a five year old Border Collie who has been rescued by the BCSPCA. This is what she has to say for herself:

"I'm told it's Sponsor a Dog Month. That works out well for me since I'm a dog and I need sponsorship. Before I arrived at the SPCA I was stuck living inside a dirty chicken coop with another dog. As a result of this neglect I needed surgery on my ear as well as treatment for a nasty skin infection. Now I'm in recovery and I'm excited for the day I can move in with a loving new family."

The BCSPCA Biscuit Fund has provided the funds for Polly's operation, and they need to continue raising money in order to continue helping animals who need emergency medical treatment. If you would like to sponsor Polly, please go here. You don't have to live in BC; you can sponsor her from anywhere!!

Dannan's operation to remove his leg was funded by the Biscuit Fund, so it is a cause dear to our hearts!

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Dennis the Vizsla said...

What a great cause. Polly looks like a sweetie to be sure!