Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A good week so far! (except when the world ended)

Woofs, everypuppy and kitty! (I think I might have some feline readers, so I'd better start including them!) Dannan here to tell you about the fabulous things I've been doing!

But first, thanks to everybody who's been over to Mona and the Mommy's. I know that support from our great DWB community means a lot when sad things are happening.

Today has been a busy day! I got to go with The Girl while she ran errands, which I hardly ever get to do! We went to the place where she voted (they wouldn't let me in, so I couldn't write in for Turbo and Khyra). So I waited in the car and had a bully stick. Yummmm.

Then we went to the doggy store, where I got a new red leash and lots of really delish cookies. I didn't get to eat them all at once, though.

(In case you're wondering why there aren't any photos of this trip, it's because The Girl forgot the camera. And her cell phone was dead, so not even any cell phone pictures!)

Then, BEST OF ALL, we went to the new dog park in our town. There used to be two, and now there are THREE! We've never been to one of them, because The Girl can't find it. We drove all around it, but we couldn't figure out how to get there. Sigh, Girlie!) But we went to the new one, and I wish we had pictures! It is really nice, with lots of grass and really nice fencing and lots of things to pee on. It's a bit on the smallish side, but The Girl says it's so beautiful that it makes up for being small.

I met two Irish terror-iers, but they weren't scary at all! They were both girls and both bigger than me. Usually, that means that I have to start out on the offensive so that the bigger doggy knows that I don't take nothin' from nobody. But I was a Very Good Dawg (as my friend Dozer would say), and we got along really well. And there was a boy doggy, a Shepherd mix The Girl says, and he was a little intrusive with the smelling. But I was a Very Good Dawg with him, too.

I had a great time, running around and smelling and peeing! It was pawsome!

Then, a Bull Mastiff puppy came, and things went downhill. I ignored her for as long as she didn't notice me, but then she saw me and galumphed on over. She was all HIHOWAREYOUILIKEYOUDOYOULIKEMEDOYOUWANNAPLAY, and I told her no, quite appropriately.

And then she was, AREYOUSUREIREALLYLIKEYOUIDLIKETOBEFRIENDS, and I told her in no uncertain terms that I don't like your puppy attitude, so back OFF. She wasn't listening very well.

Then I did something that I maybe shouldn't have done. The puppy was a little piece away from me, and I just wanted to make sure that she knew that I was done with the patientness and she should stay away. So I lunged at her with hell hound noises, and The Girl said, "That's it! You do that, we leave." And she hustled me out right then.

The other people were very understanding and made excuses for me. They told The Girl that the puppy doesn't know her manners yet and needs to be told. And The Girl told them that she knows that is true of puppies, but when I go after them, then I need to be told. I didn't think that was very fair of her, but we went to the car.

I was pretty happy, though. I got to smell and run and pee, and meet new doggies, and tell a puppy off. It was all good.

We started for home, stopping so The Girl could pick up her pills. I got my bully stick back to keep me from getting bored.


We stopped at the groomers. They are bad people there, always cutting my toenails and ... ahem, expressing my anal glands.

Sorry to include that unsavory detail.

So The Girl RUINED my fantastic day out. We came home after that, and I've been sulking.

But I also have to tell you about yesterday's adventure! And there are pictures!

The Girl took me for a walk yesterday afternoon! (We don't walk as much as we should, because sometimes it's hard for The Girl. So it's a happy occasion.)

I had to wear my torture device:

I am known to pull and to lunge if there is a dog or cat or squirrel along the way. The Girl says that I am better behaved when I wear the torture device. Of course I am, I'm being tortured! Does any other doggy have to wear one of these? Or is it as I suspect, and The Girl is just the meanest girl in the world??

It was wet outside when we walked, and it even was spitting a little, but I was a brave dog and didn't melt when the EVIL rain touched me.

This is what I mostly like to do on my walks:

I also like to walk on other people's lawns. The Girl only lets me walk on the part nearest the road, though. I would sure like to explore more, but she won't let me. (See? Mean.)

More sniffing and smelling. The best part of a walk!

The Girl said this was a picture she had to take, cuz apparently there's something interesting about a dog and a fire hydrant. Whatever, I got to smell it.

The other thing I like to do on walks is to pee. On everything and anything.

Lots of people who don't know a tripod have a hard time believing that I can pee like a boy doggy. But I can! The situation has to be right, and at home in my own yard I usually just squat, but I CAN do it! I made The Girl take two pictures, just to show it's not a fluke.

Then we were back at the driveway. I hate the driveway. It always means that the walk is over.

We had a really good time on our walk, and The Girl says we'll do it again real soon. I sure hope so!


Anonymous said...

Dannan you wuz a Very Good Dawg and honestly I thinks that baby dawg prolly deserved whatever you tolled it. Dont tell Mummy I sed that tho. Also I likes how you pee like that. Even tho I am a boy dawg I does not pee like that very much. Mummy sez its cause Old Lady Dawg teached me to pee like a girl. So I am impresed to see you pee like that.

River said...

We had a dalmatian girl once who lifted her leg. It was amazing. At least you got to go on a nice walk--very brave of you to stay out in the evil rain.

love & wags,

Saint Lover said...

Oh Dannan aren't you lovely! I like that you are so large and in charge! Those big boisterous puppies need to know who is queen and to learn some manners. You should tell the girl that if you dont teach them, they wont learn and then they will get really big and it will be a disaster!

Love your collar by the way! Its so posh

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello dannan its dennis the vizsla dog hay it sownds like yoo had a gud day eksept for the anal glands part but wot can yoo do hyoomans are obsesd with those we hav a secret dog park arownd heer to wot nobody can find but dada fownd it with google maps i wil tel him to find yore secret dog park too he is like a cia ajent or sumthing ha ha oh and trixie has been nown to do the saym thing to puppeez wot get in her fayse like that but she is just putting on a show and it helps teech the puppeez dog langwidj altho sumtimes there owners freek owt so if mama and dada think there mite be a problem they put trixie on leed and moov her away frum the puppy just like the girl did with yoo so dont feel bad yoo ar not the only wun it happens too ok bye

Anonymous said...

Well I also have to wear one of those torture devices and so does Roscoe. Our momma calls them gentle leaders to make us feel good!!! We know better!

Biggie-Z said...

Hahahaha!! Thanks for stopping by my blog with your Girl. I'm a boy but 1/2 the time I pee like a girl doggy. Some people said it's because kuvasz can keep an eye on their sheep that way, but I say it's because I'm secure in my masculinity. heh.

I have to wear a torture device too. I call it the Kim Jong Il. But since I wear it any time we are outside, I'm starting to associate it with good stuff, like going to the dog run. Plus I get lots of praise and treats if I walk right next to my Momma. So I am trying to convince her I can be trusted to go without it sometimes. So far she's not falling for it...

Going to sniff around your bloggie some more!


Lady Kaos said...

What a bummer of an ending to a great day!

Joe Stains said...

You did well at the dog park it sounds. Puppies can totally be a pain in the butt. Maybe next time you will do even better.

Sorry about the groomer, but the walky looks way fun!