Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Woe

That Girl tortured me today!  We got up (much later than I would like to get up, as usual), and I told her that it was my day to walk.  She dawdled around, drinking tea and reading newspapers and eating breakfast, which she always does before we walk.  But then, she went on that stupid laptop!  She's not supposed to do that until after we walk.  She kept saying, "It's raining, Woogie", but I never buy that excuse.  I kept telling her, it's my day, it's my day, it's my day!

(Note from The Girl:  He was really being a pain.  Insisting that it was time to go for our walk.  So we went.)

Furends, it was absolutely POURING down with rain!  I have always been of the firm conviction that Little Brown Dogs melt if they get wet.  This year, I've experimented with walking when there has been a light drizzle, and I have survived.  But today, the rain was TORTUROUS.  I was certain I was going to die.

(Note from The Girl:  He wasn't going to die, obviously.  And he walked just fine for ten minutes or so, and then he decided he wasn't going to move anymore, at all.  He didn't want to go forward, and he didn't want to go back.  So I did coax him along, I have to admit.  There really wasn't any other option, although I do appreciate that he didn't get that.)

There are no pictures of my ordeal, because That Girl said that it was raining too hard to take out her new camera.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?????  It was raining too hard to take out the camera, but it wasn't raining too hard to take out the Little Brown Dog??? 

There are only pictures of me in the aftermath of this torture.

Look at how wet and ruffly my fur is!  The indignity of it all!

I boycotted The Girl until suppertime.  I hope she learned her lesson!  I even cuddled with my Nanny this afternoon, right in front of That Girl!

(Final Note from The Girl:  I did feel very bad that he got so wet.  It was raining harder than I thought it was, and when he was willing to walk, I thought it was going to be okay.  But he did get soaked.  I have apologized many times today!)


Mango said...

What was Girlie thinking? I am convinced that the humans enjoy such tortures. You poor wet little pup. I hope she makes it up to you.


Stella said...

I am glad Stella refuses to go out in the rain, Dannan, and you might do well to cultivate that trait yourself!

I would think you might want to be kinder to each other.

Stella's Mom

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

It rained here today as well -

No walk fur me but I did get to go fur a ride in The Xterra -

Are woo dry yet?


Lorenza said...

Sure you don't look happy in those pictures!
I wish you sunny and dry days... soon!
Kisses and hugs

Fred said...

Terrible! I REFUSE to walk in the rain. Sometimes I cry about it.

Asta said...

Now Dannan
, don't feel so bad ow mad, youw Giwl didn't want to towtoowe you, she was only wesponding to youw entweeties to go fow a walk..she didn't make it wain, and ummm, I think youw haiws awe kind of wondewful all wuffled and should see how howwibull I look when wet(I'm suwe you've seen my pictoowes doowing a baf..hideous..I look like a dwowned wat..but I digwess)
wain isn't so bad. At least it doesn't invole a slippewy tub and shampoo
hope you feel happy again vewy soon
smoochie kisses