Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girlie keeps her promise!

Wroo, That Girl has let me post about our walk on Wednesday!  These pictures are the ones that she already put on her facebook page, but she promised me that I could post them here, too.  And here I am, posting them!  Maybe I am too hard on That Girl sometimes... 

Here I am near the beginning of our walk.  It has been raining for days and days here, but we got out between showers so I could have my walk.  As I mentioned before, I get to walk on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Girlie calls that every second day, but you can clearly see that she's wrong.  There are TWO days between Friday and Monday, and I don't get a walk on either day!

(Note from The Girl:  In our neighbourhood, there are many, MANY doggies that get to walk on Sundays, and Dannan snarks at most of them.  I don't like letting him practice his barking and lunging, so we don't walk on Sundays anymore.)

Hmph.  She's trying to justify those dumb rules of hers.

Here I am, doing one of my favefurite things:  sniffing (and then peeing on) a rock.  I love rocks!!

 And here I am in motion.  You can see in a lot of these pictures that my ears go flying a lot when I walk. 

Here I am looking back at my Nanny, who usually walks with The Girl and I.  If The Girl wants to take pictures of me walking, she needs someone to hold my leash - she's not the most coordinated human I've ever seen.  But I like it when Nanny comes with us, even if it is to facilitate That Annoying Girl getting in my face with the camera.

On that facebook thing, Girlie said something about this being me as a headless doggie.  You can clearly see my head!  I love to smell the bottom parts of these shrubs, because lots of other doggies leave pee-mail there.  Sometimes, you have to get up-close-and-personal to make sure you don't miss any messages.

Now it is time to hurry up, Nanny!

There is a doggie barking at me from behind a fence here.  I am trying really hard to concentrate, and That Annoying Girlie is following me around with that camera thing.  (Note from The Girl:  It took quite a few shots to get one where he was looking at the camera, and Dannan got quite annoyed with me.  You can see in the picture that I finally got, he's licking his lip to send me a calming signal - calm down, Girlie, and stop being a pain in the rear!)

Girlie is being polite when she tells you that.  I was actually using an HBO word, not "rear".  Sometimes, The Girl is a PITA, for those of you doggies who know what that means!  I am telling her that she is annoying me, and to back off!

Here I have seen a birdie! 

More action - look at me go so fast that I blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Wroo!

I see something...

This isn't what I saw.  Girlie couldn't figure out what I was so interested in (or else she was too slow - she misses LOTS of shots because she is too slow to catch them).  But anywroo, I love posts, too!  I'm sure most of you doggies out there also love rocks and shrubs and posts - such good places to find out doggy data!

I like flowers, too.

Sniffing and smelling are the main points to walks, as far as I'm concerned.  Check out my ears, too!

More sniffing...

And even more sniffing!  (Don't tell my Nanny that you can see most of her in this picture!  Girlie promised her that she would crop her out, but she forgot.)

On the move!  Look at my ears in the next few pictures!

Don't I look like a happy doggie???

More sniffing for pee-mail...

Look this way....

...and the other way...

Because here we are, back in the driveway.  I'm not ready to go home, but Girlie says we're not going any further.  I ALWAYS want to walk more!

So that was our walk on Wednesday!  Going for walks with My Girlie is one of my favefurite things in the world!  I would go for two or three walks a day, if only she would take me!


Stella said...

Hey Dannan and Girlie!

Its so nice to have you two back on board!

We have missed you furry much!


Khyra, Khousin Merdie, And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What PAWESOME pikhs!

How nice to see soooooo many of woo!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

The Thundering Herd said...

You know we love walks, too, so keep it up!

Asta said...

I loooved seein you on youw notfwequentenough walkies. Youw flying eaws awe soopew doopew, I think they look cool bof flopped and flying. You do look happy. I agwee those peemails that othew doggies leave awe fascinating. No wondew you love to stop and wead them.
Youwe looking fantastic on all those pics
smoochie kisses

Scout 'n Freyja said...

We hope that your Nanny didn't boot up her 'puter to find her photo on your bloggy!