Saturday, November 22, 2008

Math is boring

Wroooooooo! It's me again, pups and kitties! Can you believe it, The Girl is letting me post AGAIN today? And she's taken me around to some of my furends' bloggies to see what they've been up to, and she promises we'll see evfurrybody this weekend! (Well, at least the most recent posts, she's got us so far behind!)

Anywroo, last night, The Girl got out the DWB Holiday Card List, some paper, a pen, a calculator, and our bankbook. She said we had to figure out how many cards we could afford to send, and she just about fainted when she saw how much CanadaPost is charging for postage nowadays!

So, she was muttering to herself a lot. This is what I was doing:

because Cat TV was much more interesting than The Girl and all that math. (Please excuse the funny eyes; something's happening with The Girl's photo editor. Also, pretend you don't see the massive pile of recycling in the background.)

See how much more interested I am in Cat TV?

Then, The Girl made a funny noise. Kind of like choking, but flemmy (Girlie has a cold). I looked at her:

Here is a closer shot of the look that I gave her when I asked her what the funny noise was all about:

She said that unless I wanted to give up treats for the next six months, we can only afford to send 24 holiday cards. I was unimpressed with this news, as you can see:

Not acceptable, I told her.

But she took me through the math, and so I have to agree. (I can't possibly go without treats for six months, and I know none of my furends would want me to!)

We were going to send an e-card to evfurryone who is accepting them, and we're still going to do that. We were also going to send a card by snail mail to those who were accepting snail mail only. But at 96 cents for a stamp to go to the US, and $1.60 for the other international places, our little budget was soon stretched way too far!

So we chose 14 of our furends to send a card to by snail mail, along with 6 of the furries we don't know who live in the US and 4 of the furries we don't know internationally. (The Girl used a random number generator to pick, because she didn't know how else to be fair.) Evfurryone who is accepting e-cards will get one, too.

We are going to mail our paper cards on Tuesday. And Lorenza said that last year, she sent out her e-cards in the first week of December, so I think that's what we'll do, too.

I wish we could send evfurrybody paper cards by snail mail! I love getting mail, and I'm sure all the doggies and kitties and hammies and even hoomans out there love it to.

Even though I agree that the numbers say what they say, I am still not impressed with The Girl. Now she's ignoring me to write on the cards! This whole holiday card business is turning out to involve me much less than I like! At least I'll get to open the cards that come for me in the snail mail!

Have a good weekend, my furends!


Bobby said...

Hi , Grumpy Bob here we have been calculating too.
Well Brenda has when John said he needed some stamps to send my cards. Brenda is going on about how much stamps are and how John will have to come out of retirment and get a job.
So it will be a lot of e-cards from me I think, and others once they start there calculations.

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hi Dannan...........whoa, that cat tv must be awesome, look how intensely you're peepers are glued to it! We'd probably go into doggy meltdown if we were allowed to watch it.....our mog just has to look at us and we all howl!
Slobbers xx

Mango said...

Yikes! Canada is like a whole different country, huh? At the rate we're going, we won't have to worry cause we won't even have a card to send.

You are sure giving your girl the evil eye, but good from your throne. Momma thinks you look very cute all between the pillows and such.


L^2 said...

Don't feel bad Dannan,
That's more cards than we'll be sending out.
Every year Mom says we're too poor to participate in the DWB card exchange. We don't feel right receiving cards if we can't afford send any out, so she never signs us up. :o(
Most of the half-dozen or so holiday cards we do give out to friends and family we end up delivering ourselves. Mom says using up our extra energy delivering cards is much cheaper than paying for postage to have the mailman deliver them.

Love and lots of licks,
Willow and Stella

Saint Lover said...

I dont send out Christmas cards anymore because its so expensive for stamps. If you need help making a pretty e-card I would be more than happy to dust off photoshop and make you something pretty to send out. :)

Sparky said...


Man, my human knows how your human feels. She's workin' on a bunch of cards to send out, hopefully between 30 and 40 cards, but it's definitely gonna cost us!

Those pictures of you on the couch when you're looking at your human Mom are priceless!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Dannan!
I hope your Girl is feeling better now! Being sick is not fun!
Have fun watching your Cat tv programs!
Kisses and hugs

Dennis the Vizsla said...

This just shows that too much arithmetic makes one mutter and talk to oneself!

Joe Stains said...

Don't worry about it all, everyone understands if you can only send 1 card. We are just glad you are participating.

Stella said...

Mom says we are doing Christmas on the Cheap this year, so our greetings will come on our blog!

We don't feel too bad about it either because we want to make some special things for the Shelter and give a little to NEADS. We also know lots of other families are having problems
making a go of things.

Thats just how Christmas '08 will be. Maybe next year!

Kisses! Stella


minnoleHi Dannon,

Don't worry about not being able to send everybody a Christmas card. The Mommy can't send a lot either throught the mail. Our car insurance is due Dec 23th so it kinda puts a cramp into having extra spending money.

I'm gonna do a snow post so come on over and check out what going on. I know it snows where you live.


Kess And Her Mama said...

Boy, oh boy...looks like we better get a move on the DWB card exchange. We opted for the high tech option coz less chance of it getting lost in the mail...

Sparky said...
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Sparky said...

Oops, I accidentally deleted my last my last comment...

Are you serious, you live in Kamloops?! Wow, I had no idea you were that close! My humans drive through Kamloops quite often... In fact, there's a KMS Tools in Kamloops, isn't there? My human dad and uncle started the KMS tools business... Maybe one day I will meet you, my friend!

I am making your card now, it should be mailed out this week!


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Don't worry about it buddy - it is the thought that counts, and the beauty this year is that we can send ecards - which cost nothing.

Nobody should have to go without treats to participate in the card exchange - that is just criminal :)



Amber-Mae said...

Oh Dannan! I am so surprised that it is so expensive there too. Today, we just mailed about a hundred of our X'mas cards & three packages of pressies too. A card to US is RM1.80. Isn't that just crazy!!! The prices has raised this year after the petrol prices has been raised too. And it's only a small light piece of card which weighs just as much as a feather does! So all together my Mommy has spent for making the cards & also mailing them is close to RM250(US$71.40). Well, she's totally bankrupt now but I told her to stop her whining since we only do this once a year anyway & plus, she's entering for a singing competition this coming Saturday & if she wins RM1,000,000, then I wouldn't mind being off treats for 6 months either. Hee!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ruby said...

Hi Dannan
I wish I was there watching CATTV with you. Mines broken or they're
Don't feel sad about the number of snail mail cards you can send out, ecards are better. You save a tree, you know it won't get lost, you don't have to hire someone to deliver it and the Girl will have money to buy you treats.
See you soon
Love Ruby
Ps I hope the Girl gets over her cold soon. It sounds nasty.

Lady Kaos said...

Math is the reason we're doing email only cards. I hate math!

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

Don't feel bad Dannan, cause we too won't be able to send many paper cards(sheesh-mom doesn't even have our picture done yet!)
Also, Mom is getting nervous because the one e card site we went to costs money to join. So she is going to have to find a free place. Maybe y'all know one?
It stinks being on disability income sometimes. Mom is wondering now if we shouldn't have signed up at all.
But we told her, we'll figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Dannan my Mummy sez e-cards is better fer the enviroment anyhoo. Not that she ever sends e-cards or reglar cards fer that matter cause she is kinda lazy. Oh Mummy why are you frowning at me? But anyways. Hm I forgetted the point. Well I guess it is that you should send e-cards without gilt and be proud bout it cause its the thought that counts.

Yer pal Dozer

The Thundering Herd said...

Between treats and cards, we vote treats. They are much tastier. Trust us, we have eaten many, many cards and letters over the years

Cocoa the Beagle said...

We don't like math either but I sure know the difference if mum gives stinky Barley more food than me! BOL!!

Cocoa and Barley