Monday, November 10, 2008

Finally, I get to post again!

Wrooo, everypuppy and kitty! I'm finally back to post on the bloggy!

It's been really boring lately. The Girl says there is an ongoing situation in our lives that she can't do anything about, but she's very unhappy and stressed about it. I have no idea what she's talking about, but she's sure having trouble. We haven't done much lately, and I was starting to get stir-crazy! There's only so much cuddling a dog can do, even if he is a cuddle-monster.

Yesterday, The Girl told me we were going in the car on an Adventure! I was very excited, and wrooooed at Girlie to hurry up. We got into my car, and off we went. We ended up at someplace called Walmart, whatever that is. The Girl disappeared for a bit, leaving me with a chicken strip to devour.

She came back, and we went to see my Nanny and my Papa! I haven't seen them in quite some time. We didn't take the camera, so no pictures. We had a good visit, and I got to meet their new neighbour doggies! Trucker is a great big black lab, and he has a little sibling, who is a Yorkie. We don't know that doggy's name, but boy was it fun to bark all together!

Did The Girl tell you how I saved our lives and the house yesterday? Silly Girlie left the oven on. I had to pester her until she turned it off. She's really not that good at communication, honestly. It was plain as day what I was telling her, but she just didn't get it.

The other thing we did yesterday was to go outside together. I really like it when The Girl comes outside to watch me do my thing. (Not my business, that's a whole other issue.) It was pretty icky and cold and windy, and it had rained most of the morning. But it wasn't raining, so The Girl said we should go out while we had the chance. (Rain is EVIL; it makes little brown dogs melt.)

So we were outside. The Girl had the camera, so there are a few pictures to share.

There was a smell that was captivating.

The Girl also took a picture of my feets, to illustrate the way I balance on my three leggies.

Me, looking handsome.

Sitting and waiting for The Girl to decide she was ready to go back into the house. It was cold!

Another picture of me being handsome.

It was so cold outside that I started shivering a bit. I was happy when The Girl asked me if I was cold and if I wanted to go back in the house. I jumped right up and headed for the door. It would have been rude of me to suggest going in, but I was sure glad she thought of it!

Today, The Girl told me that I have been bugging the cats too much, and that's a sure sign I haven't had enough exercise. Now, I agree that there has been a serious lack of exercise lately, but there's no such thing as bugging the cats too much. If they'd just play with me, I'd be happy.

Anyway, Girlie said that even though her "too-doo" list is as long as her arm, we had to go out and get some fresh air. Today was sunny and no sign of rain, so she got my leash and took me out to my car again! Two days in a row!

And guess where we ended up? At the DOG PARK!!!! Not the new one that The Girl is so excited about, though. We went to the old standby one out by the airport, because it's way bigger and Girlie said that I needed to get some exercise. And her, too.

I was so excited when we got there! I would love to show you how excited I was, but The Girl forgot the camera again. We did lots of walking and sniffing, and I did lots of peeing. She claimed that I had to be empty with nothing left to pee, but what does she know? She doesn't even know how to leave pee-mail.

There were lots of other doggies there, too. Even doggies that are bigger than me! The Girl wasn't sure about them, but I was a Very Good Dawg and greeted them all nicely. I even asked one of them to play chase with me, but he had to go home with his people. I let the other doggies sniff at me, and didn't react even when one of them yelled at me. His lady scolded him. The Girl told her that I would take care of myself if I was offended, but I just turned away and sniffed another doggy. Girlie kept saying how proud she was of me.

We didn't even have our cell phone with us so The Girl could capture me grinning and laughing with joy. But it was such a good Adventure! I guess Girlie isn't so bad, after all. I wonder where we'll go tomorrow?

I keep telling The Girl that we're behind on my furends' bloggies. She says sorry again, we'll catch up eventually. I have to add to that, we'll probably fall behind again as soon as we catch up. I think I need a voice recognition thingy for the laptop, so I could just wrooooo my posts and bypass The Girl altogether!


Ruby said...

Hi Dannan
It sounds like you've kept quite busy. Cat watching is a full time job. You have to know where they are at all times or they could sneak up on you.
Tell the Girl to take care, I hope her stressors resolve soon.
Love Ruby

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

Hey Brown Bombshell!! We may be getting back to normal-(cross paws)
You said you'd flirt with me anytime, right?? Maybe we need to think about it for a bit, then PRACTICE. (I really don't have a clue....that;s why I need to think about it and maybe google it!!!) Some have called me pathetic. I call it naive.

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Hi Dannan

It's gweat to see you having fun outside and weading about what good days you had!
It's getting cold and wainy, so it's vewy impowtant to take advantage of nice days..youw giwl is a sweetie..I'm glad you saved hew life..w
I'm weally behind too..I juwt hope my fwiends awe patient..Mommi says it's much mowe impowtant fow you to go out wif youw giwl to play than to go awound to all of us
I agweee
smoochie kisses

River said...

Good to hear from you! That sounds like a good visit to the park--hard to know how a big dog will react to you though. Hope your situation clears up soon so you and the Girl can be happy.\

love & wags,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dannan!
You are a hero! Glad you noticed that thing with the oven and everything is ok!
Kisses and hugs

Winterdark said...

You know, if you have all these adventures without the camera around, it means you have to go back WITH the camera to relive them all over again. I'm surprised the Girl does not know this rule. It's in my Mom's handbook. :-)
Pei-Ess, Great job saving the Girl the other day. I hope she got you a medal.

Saint Lover said...

Ahhh the dog park! Our favorite place on earth. We are going tomorrow to meet our buddies the Newfies. I am glad you got to run off some of that excess energy and had such a wonderful time. I hope your mom feels better and what ever is bothering her can get sorted.

Stella said...

Hey Dannon:

What good pictures of you! You are really a handsome boy! I'm glad you got to have some fun. My mom needs to take some pictures too and I am telling her so.

We are sending good wishes to your Mom to resolve her problems. I know it will work.

Kisses, Stella

Holly said...

You DO look very handsome!!!

We are getting very cold weather too. In the low to mid 30's. But, we actually LIKE it!

And don't worry about not visiting, I'm so way behind, it's insane!!!


Bobby said...

Hi, Your girl sounds like John he forgets when he puts the cooker on, hence burnt every thing. I am pleased you are getting out John says he thinks it gets very cold where you live even to cold to go out for dogs and cats. It is cold windy and raining here too.
I hope your girl has sorted out any problems she has.
Love Little Bobby

Cocoa the Beagle said...

Hi Dannan!

Looks like you had a great day visiting the dog park! And yeah we read about how you saved your house the the Girl! Great job buddy!

Cocoa and Barley

Mango said...

Dannan - Tell your girl not to worry about visiting bloggies. It can be very time consuming and sometimes the peoples have this thing called LIFE which gets in the way. All the bloggy moms and dads (well, mostly moms) go through periods where they can't help us blog, its OK.

I like you with your ears all flapping in the wind. Are you going to need an overcoat soon?


Anonymous said...

Hey Dannan nice job with the stove I didnt know that wuz something to worry bout. Mummy sez Im not too smart bout dangerus thangs but she teached me the word HOT so when she sez HOT I stays away! She sez it a lot when she is cooking delishuss foodies so I does not get too close to her even tho the smells are good. You are definitly smarter than me to know that sumthang HOT should not be that way. And also to get yer Mummy to make it not hot!

Nicole said...

You are looking very handsome, Dannan!!