Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do they sell opposable thumbs on ebay???

Wrooooo, it's Dannan and I'm still alive!

I know lots of my furends have been wondering what has happened to me lately. No bloggy posts. No comments on furends' bloggies.

Well, it's all The Girl's fault.

To her credit, she has taken me to the dog park and for visits. We've even been walking. (She took pictures today, but hasn't uploaded them yet.)

But no computer time for me. I haven't been much around bloggyland lately. She's been letting me go to Bolo's site for the Nose Expose, but that's about it.

The problem is that The Girl has a major ongoing issue in her life, and it just keeps getting more and more complicated. And she's not coping especially well. I don't get it, it's hooman stuff, but I do know that she's pretty torn up about things.

Today, things got infinitely more complicated, she says. She says she'd like to write about it, but that it's really not appropriate. Hmmm, the only time she tells me I'm doing something inappropriate, I'm sniffing some hooman's crotch. With my paw on their thigh. So I don't really get what's inappropriate for her, she's not sniffing anybody there.

So The Girl sends her apologies and her love to all our bloggy furends. And I send mine, too. Our Google Reader says we're at 1000+ new posts to read, so we're really behind.

On the bright side, I'm going to post some of the other pictures The Girl took of me when we were trying to get our Christmas picture. None of them are the one she picked for our holiday card, so you'll have to wait to see that one!

(The Girl also says that Canada Post is on strike, so she's hoping that it'll all get settled so that our cards will get out on time. It better, that's all I have to say. And also, that Girlie needs to get cracking on making them, or it won't matter!)

Don't worry, furends, about The Girl. This issue is a long-term one, and because it only seems to be getting worse, it's going to be around for a while.

Instead, worry about me! BOL, just kidding! I'm actually having a lot of Adventures (not that you'd know, because I never get to blog anymore!) and taking care of my Girlie. I'm going to try in the next couple of days to get her to post the pictures we took today. Brown dog kisses, and wrooooo-ey love to all my furends! I'm thinking about you, even if we're not getting to your bloggy!


Anonymous said...

Mom says we are going to worry about the girl any way. humans! Whatever! I will worry about you Dannan :)

Ruby said...

I don't know the answer to your question, because I don't know what opposable thumbs are. Is it part of my butt maybe, thumb rhymes with bum.
Anyways the pictures are great.
Take care of the Girl, she needs you.
Love Ruby

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

We are glad to see you Dannan! We hope your girl will be ok. Mom says life gets difficult for humans at times. And sometimes those times seem to last forever. She says she will keep your girl in her prayers and that your girl should email her if she wants to vent.
We say as long as you aren't being neglected, it's ok just to check in with us other dogs when you can. We miss seeing you, but just take care of your girl and we will wait.
We love your pictures.(Our Mom doesn't have our Christmas pictures done yet! acckk)
the texas sun dog at g mail dot com

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dannan!
We are sending your girl our best good vibes! We hope that whatever is bothering her will be solved soon!
Take care of her, ok?
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

Being a human sounds like it can be the pits sometimes. I hope the Girl gets through the troubled times and ends up even stronger for it. I sure wish I had thumbs!!

Asta said...


I love those pictoowes of you in the leaves!!!! You look vewy sewious and gowgeous!!!
I hope you give youw Giwl lots of extwa love and smoochies while she's going thwough all hew bad stuff..I hope she will be OK's awful when ouw hoomans awe sad.
thinking of you and hew wif love
smoochie kisses

Stella said...

Hey Dannon and Girlie!

How nice to hear from you and those pretty pictures. Dannon, you look so dignified and very attractive!
My Mom hasn't even thought about Christmas pics yet, but you guys are smart to get them ready early.

My Mom says she knows a lot about hard times and just vent to her if you feel like it. Remember the words: This, too, shall pass away! And it does. Blessings from Stella (Kisses too!)

Eduardo said...

Oh I'm sorry your girl is having problems! I love your Christmas photos!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Saint Lover said...

I love your xmas Photos! We haven't been around much either. I feel bad I havent been reading or posting either. I hope the girl will stop having such a complicated life and lots more happy times. big hugs and saintly slobbers

Lady Kaos said...

Hugs to The Girl and I love your picture with the wreath! That would be a great picture for cards!

Biggie-Z said...

I have dewclaws, will that help?

PS I think you look much better NEXT TO holiday decorations rather than WEARING THEM (like your antler and bib pictures).