Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Report

Wrooooooo! It's Dannan, The Little Brown Dog, reporting to you from Nanny and Papa's house!

Yes, The Girl and I have been staying here all week. I ask you, how can an intrepid reporter like me make a report without pictures? Well, when the cameraGirl forgets to bring the camera, there's not much to do but make words. Silly Girlie.

Anyway, it's been warmer this week, hovering around zero. I've been able to stay outside a lot longer, and it's been good. I finally discovered where Nanny hides her birdies (in the tree in the neighbour's yard), so I've had good fun wrooooing at them!

The Girl and I also took a walk. I had to wear the hoodie, and THEN SHE PUT BOOTIES ON MY FEET. The indignity! It was sooooooo embarrassing!

Thankfully, the first bootie dropped of halfway down the driveway, and the second got lost in the deep snow by the telephone pole at the corner of Nanny and Papa's front yard. The last bootie stayed on the whole time, but it was much more comfortable than having to wear all three!

Nanny's judgement was that the booties were too small. (She made them long ago for Shea.) Ha ha! I have foiled the booties!!!

(Note from The Girl: Dannan doesn't know it, but Nanny is making him new booties, which will be just his size.)

In other news, Papa is the BEST! He gives me lots of treats! We ate an apple today, and I got one-third of it! The Girl is trying to make Papa be more sensible, but I know that he's a good guy. He'll find a way to share. He's good like that.

(Another note from The Girl: Papa has been told that the only food he can share with
Dannan is apple. And I regularly repeat that Dannan cannot gain weight because of his three-leggedness. Like, every evening at dinner. And sometimes at noon. And I watch them both like hawks.)

Sorry there are no pictures, evfurrybody. We have to go home sometime this weekend because it's the Roomie's birthday, so we'll pick it up then. And take some pictures with it. Wroo.


Stella said...

Good to hear from you, Dannan and it sounds like you are having a fine time.

Would you like to know that my Mom put your Elvis picture up on the desktop, we just love lookin' at it.


Joe Stains said...

hoodies are ok, but BOOTIES?! I feel you on that one, I'd ditch them too. Have fun trying to score secret treats!

Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday Roomie!
My mom has the same problem with my grandpa! He eats all day long and always gives me treats! My mom is tired of telling him not to do it!
I want to see you wearing your booties!
Kisses and hugs

Bobby said...

Well I would wear your boot's, it is so cold here my feet were sticking to the frost.

Anonymous said...

Dannan that is uncool having to wear booties. I am with you I also does not like booties. Mummy gived up on the booty thang a long time ago but here in Teksus it doesnt reely get cold.

Yer pal Dozer

Mary said...

Even thought there were no pictures, I still laughed at the image of "booties." :-D

Anonymous said...

Wow apple sounds like it might be prety good stuff. We will have to tell mom about it. Sounds like you are having fun on your visit!

Lady Kaos said...

I'm not seeing what the big deal about your Papa sharing with you is.
Mom and Dad bought be some of theose bootie things and I hate them. They wouldn't stay on my feet ery well so Mom bought be little kids socks and now they fit!!!!!! Hide Dannon!! HIDE!!!!