Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday is for Wroo-ing

Wroo, furends!  No pictures on this post, because The Girl is punishing me for eating two cups of mixed nuts that Nanny had hidden in her suitcase.  I am a Hound, you know, and I tracked them down in no time flat.  I almost had the whole bag eaten when The Mean Girl found me and took them away from me.  She never lets me have any fun.

No need to worry, furends, the V-E-T says that I am not poisoned or anything like that.  I might have to throw up some or have diarrhea from the high fat content, but I will be okay.  I was quite proud of myself, for having scavenged up such good foodables. 

The Girl and I want to thank all of our furends for sticking by us for so long.  That Girlie hasn't had the best year, and her brain sickies just keep going on and on.  And on and on and on.  She has had many different medications that she has tried.  I am sure that their ineffectiveness is directly related to the fact that she refuses to wrap them in cheese before she takes them.  I have told her and told her, but she never listens.

In June, The Girl is going to get some different therapies that she is hoping will help.  I think she is scared to hope too much, though.  I would really like it if she was better.  We could walk evfurry day then, instead of this hokey "every second day but not on Sundays" routine she's got us on.  I could walk evfurry day, more than once!  But it is good that she takes me three times a week (evfur since Christmas, which is the best she's evfur done).  I just don't see why we can't do it evfurry day, it is SO much fun!  She lets me pick the route we walk, and I'm allowed to sniff at whatever I want.  Well, except for good stuff like bones and nommy trash, she makes me drop those (when she's paying attention, and when she can get to me faster than I can chomp them down).  And she doesn't let me always choose where we get to walk.  Like, she won't let me go onto people's lawns to investigate.  And she won't let me walk as far as I want to.  She claims that I get tired and then don't want to walk the rest of the way home, but I think we all know who it is that gets tired.

And she won't let me chase the cats that I see on our walks.  Totally unfair.  I could have had several cats if only she'd let go of that string that keeps me tied to her.  Or if she chased them with me, that would be fun.  But Girlie is not much fun, you know.

And the whole "no walking on Sundays" rule...  She says that there are too many other doggies who walk on Sundays, and that I "bark and lunge like a crazy dog", so we can't go.  Hmph.  She's always taking away my fun, I tell you.  That Girl Who Always Rains on My Parade, I should start calling her.

But we want you all to know that we think of you lots, and miss you furry much.  Girlie says she does her best just to get through the days most of the time.  It helps to know you're all out there.  Now, I have to go have a nap, because I'm getting a little sleepy with my full tummy and all.  Wroo!


Winterdark said...

Thinking of you and Girlie.



Jo in Minnesota said...

Hope, and Hope for the very best for Girlie, because that means the best for you too, Dannan! The prayers are going up for you, Girlie, and I know they will work!

Love and hugs,

Jo and Stella

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Pawesome khonkhwest!

I saw your snagging of the nuts when I looked over my mom's shoulder when she was on FB earlier today -

I would be right there with woo! My Doggy Nanny is still amazed at what my snooter khan snoot!

Paws khrossed fur your girl - and fur woo too!


Mango said...

Oh course we are here and thinking of you and Girlie. Oh dear. I have found that acting cracker dog on walkies does discourage the humans. I can understand why Sundays are out.

Nuts? Not good. Watch yourself, there dude, I bet you gave Girlie a big fright.

We have our paws crossed that Girlie will find the right combination of brains stuff.