Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tormenting a little brown dog

This was a fun interlude Dannan and I had not too long ago.

Yes, we are in the bathroom. If he and I are going to try to do any work, we have to be shut away from the Min Pins. So we go into the bathroom (thanks, Nan, for that great tip, btw!). Please do not notice that the floor is dirty.

So, we went in with some cheese, Karen's digital camera, and my desire to learn how to capture photos of Dannan while we work on our "Zen".

(Dannan would like to interrupt me here to clarify that "we" don't work on Zen. I get to control the cheese, the access to the cheese, and when he gets to eat the cheese. He works on Zen, and I get to play sadistic dog trainer human. Those are his exact words.)

He sees I have the cheese, and his default is "down".

Then, he lets me know how mean I am.

And sometimes, he tells me "wrooooooooooooooo" to let me know he's serious.

Yeah, yeah, you hold the cheese and tell me to wait. Haven't we done this often enough, or do you like to pull puppies' tails, too?

OMG, you are killing me here.

My attempt to capture him taking the cheese. Not the greatest photographer. I did warn you.

There, that's better. Dannan gets a little crazy when we practice Zen.

There'd better be more...

This is also known, in DogWorld, as torture in the first degree. The cheese is sitting on the floor (the tiny, tiny piece, Dannan wants you to know) inside the white circle. (See, you can't even tell there's cheese there! I'm telling you, she's killing me, and for what? Three molecules of cheese?)

This is the advanced stage of Zen. Not the master's level, where I put the cheese on his snoot and tell him to wait. We're not even working on that yet, but he's getting pretty good at advanced level Zen.

Woah, finally. Girl, do you always have to wait until the string of drool from my right lip reaches the floor?

The best picture of the night! Catch!

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